Unique Diamond Engagement Rings
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Unique Diamond Engagement Rings

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When you picture an engagement ring, you’re most likely envisioning a round diamond sitting on top of a sparkling white or yellow gold band. Diamond rings are elegant and traditional, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be one of a kind

Diamonds can be integrated into simple, complex, or totally alternative designs. If you want a solitaire diamond engagement ring, we make a ton of those too, and there are  endless ways to make them your own. However, if you’re looking to stray away from the classic solitaire look, diamond shape, cut, and color can spice up diamond engagement ring. In addition to the diamond itself, your ring design can become one of a kind by playing with shapes, gemstones, settings, and metals.  

If you love the look of a traditional white diamond, but you feel like a solitaire doesn’t capture your style and spunk, use these rings as inspiration for how to make a diamond engagement ring your own while maintaining an elegant and classic look.

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The Dina, Triple Goddess Diamond Ring

Inspired by the Triple Goddess Symbol, this stunning design is centered around a pear shaped diamond. The use of negative space and nature inspired elements makes this ring unbelievably dreamy. Different shapes and sizes of diamonds come together to create this dazzling look.

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The Melissa, Alexandrite Swirl Engagement Ring

This whimsical design plays with color and shape to make a diamond ring seem playful and totally non-traditional. Featuring an Alexandrite halo, this oval diamond is wonderfully contrasted with deep dark hues. Bright sapphires and emeralds add a pop of color to compliment the design and follow suit with the ethical Canadian diamond center stone. 

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The Leslie, Diamond Flower Cluster Ring

Bold and feminine,The Leslie incorporates nature inspired elements into its design. A oval diamond center stone is nested in between two floral half halos to give this ring its luxe look. This ring proves you can never have too many diamonds.

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The AGA, Moroccan Filigree Diamond Ring

This stunning ring is the perfect example of how a diamond can be anything but ordinary when it’s complemented by intricate design. Elegant rose gold perfectly pairs with the Moroccan inspired filigree and ruby accents in this ring. A simple yet eye-catching diamond halo tops of this design perfectly.

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The Kelsey, Marquise Cut Split Shank Engagement Ring

This ring puts a totally unique twist on the classic diamond solitaire. A split shank allows for negative space that gives the design an airy and organic feel. The marquise diamond on top is rotated on its side to match the slightly bowed top band. The solitaire look on top is complemented with a cluster of marquise and round diamonds on the bottom. 


The Betty & Shirley, Repurposed Diamond Constellation Ring

Asymmetrical and extravagant, the Betty and Shirley ring incorporates a wide variety of diamond sizes to achieve its constellation inspired look. Negative space and minimal metal gives each diamond a chance to shine.   

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The Heather, Emerald Cut Diamond Double Halo Art Deco Ring

This emerald cut diamond center stone is beautifully wrapped in a double halo. The unique diamond cut as well as the yellow gold and emerald accents give this ring a vintage feel. The combination of different diamond shapes and sizes creates a design that is elaborate and bold.


The Erika, Geometric Triangle Alternative Engagement Ring

This diamond ring uses traditional diamond shapes and sizes, but adds a unique flair with unexpected metal work. A sharp geometric design gives this ring a modern feel while still using a traditional diamond center stone. This ring utilizes the traditional solitaire ring look, but its negative space and structured design gives it a somewhat bohemian flair. 


The Denise, Heart Diamond Pave Diamond Ring

Blingy and feminine, The Denise uses an unusual heart shaped diamond for its center stone. Intricate diamond pave makes up the rest of the face of the ring for a sparkling look that wows. A white gold setting keeps the design elegant and compliments the diamond design.


The Sanka, Ethical Diamond and Sapphire Cluster Engagement Ring

The Sanka has a traditional round diamond center stone, but it is centered in between two asymmetrical sapphire clusters. Completely ethically sourced, the Sanka captures the wearer’s free spirit and fits her active lifestyle. Rose gold complements the blue hues ties the design together for a totally organic look.

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The Evelyn, Diamond Starburst Signet Ring

With its design inspired by the original antique, this signet ring holds a round diamond at its center and a starburst diamond pattern covering the face of the ring. Yellow gold gives the ring a vintage feel and the diamonds bring a certain level of bling to the design.


The Dawn, East-West Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

This horizontally set marquise diamond center stone brings a bold art deco feel to this ring. A diamond halo highlights the unique shape and structure of the ring. Intricate milgrain covers the front and sides of the ring for an added level of detail. 

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All of these rings have a white diamond center stone, yet none of them look even remotely similar. Capturing your story, style, and personality to create a custom one-of-a-kind ring is what we do best. If you’re looking for a diamond ring with an untraditional design, the options are limitless, and if you can dream it we can create it. 

If you want to create your own custom engagement ring, call us at  303-957-6502 or schedule an appointment online to come in for your free engagement ring consultation. 

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