What Is A Bezel Setting?

An engagement ring setting is the entire metal part of the ring that holds the all diamonds and gemstones in place. A bezel setting means that the stone is flush fit with metal surrounding the perimeter of the stone surface for an overall smooth look and feel and a low profile, low sitting stone. This is said to be the earliest method of setting stones into jewelry, but current bezel settings have a sleek, modern look. Bezel settings are also called rub-over settings and are second only to solitaires in popularity. Beyond typical bezel settings, there are also half bezels that cover two sides of a center stone, as well as partial bezels.

Is Bezel Setting the Right Style for You?

Simple and sleek, bezels are the ultimate minimalist engagement ring when paired with a plain metal band. Incorporating a halo or double halo easily brings this setting into Art Deco territory, and a wide band or colored gemstone choice will translate into an alternative style. Because of the low profile, bezel settings in matte finishes or with rough diamonds feel rustic and outdoorsy. Watch the video to learn more about bezel setting design options for your own engagement ring.

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Bezel Setting Pros and Cons


  • The safest setting for your stone, protecting it from snagging or getting knocked on things
  • Good for active lifestyles and those that work with their hands
  • Can hide imperfections on the sides of diamonds and gemstones
  • Very unlikely for a stone to fall out of


  • Some bezels allow less light to pass through your stone
  • Can be more expensive because more metal is required
  • Dirt can get lodged between the rim of the bezel and the stone

Who Are Bezel Set Engagement Rings Right For?

Bezel set engagement rings are the best choice for those with active lifestyles, who work with their hands or are rough on their jewelry: it’s the ultimate secure setting. If you want a modern, minimalist ring, bezels are your best bet. Bezel settings are not for you if you want your ring to have a dramatic profile view or a high sitting center stone.

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