Why Make Your Own Custom Jewelry?

Making custom jewelry means that you get to design your own jewelry exactly how you want it. You can design your own necklace, make your own bracelet or build an engagement ring from scratch. Many of our custom jewelry pieces are made to celebrate a big occasion or honor a loved one. From push presents to divorce rings to remodeling family heirlooms into a new design; no matter the occasion, our custom jewelers are designers, engineers, and gemologists all in one and we’re here to bring your vision to life.



Book a meeting to share your engagement ring ideas, timeline and budget. Financing available.


See sketched designs and estimates and give us feedback. We’ll revise until we’ve nailed the design and source additional stones if needed.


Your ring is architected and precisely engineered with CAD, cast in metal, and the stones are set by hand.


Your custom jewelry is ready and delivered in white glove fashion!


See some of the jewelry we’ve designed in the past to get a feel for our work.

“My Mom (Jan) died in October 2012. She left her jewelry to me. Until recently, Mom’s jewelry had been sitting in our safe. I met with Abby Sparks Jewelry, and they took time to get to know me. They delivered these beautiful earrings to me created from the diamonds in my Mom’s rings. Thanks for creating this wonderful remembrance of my Mom!”


What kinds of custom jewelry can I make?

Though Abby Sparks Jewelry is best known for custom engagement rings and wedding bands, we specialize in all types of fine jewelry including earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, statement rings, and cufflinks.

Can I turn a ring into a pendant?

Absolutely! We are experts at jewelry repurposing, meaning we salvage diamonds from an existing piece of jewelry and use them in a new design.


I have stones I want to put in a ring, now what?

If you are lucky enough to have your own stones, it can be a great start to a new piece of jewelry. Before we can work with your diamonds or gemstones, we need proper documentation on your stones. We only work with family heirloom stones, we do not work with recently procured stones.


How much does it cost to turn an earring into a ring?

Because all of our designs are completely custom, we cannot provide a quote until we discuss your project and see your stones, but most Other Jewelry starts at $5,000. Financing


Can you redesign your wedding ring after divorce?

We like to say, divorce your husband, don’t divorce your jewelry. You can redesign your wedding ring into a necklace, earrings, or a new ring that symbolizes your new life. Sometimes all it takes to push restart are setting new intentions.

Can I use some of my stones? What if I don’t have enough for the design?

We can use all or just some of your stones. We can reuse loose diamonds as well as diamonds from multiple other pieces. We can also source additional diamonds and gemstones for you. If you have one diamond and would like to create matching earrings, we can source a visually matching stone to complete the pair.


Can I recycle my gold into a new ring?

When you make jewelry with us, we can help you recycle your old gold and send it off to be refined and give you a metal credit that goes toward your new piece of jewelry. We cannot recycle your gold if you are not making a new piece with us. Though all metals we use are 100% recycled, we cannot melt down your old gold and use it in your new piece because it needs to be refined and all alloys need to be removed. Using your existing gold as is compromises the integrity of the new jewelry and causes imperfections, pits, and alloy clumps and rendering the jewelry unwearable. What we can do is send your gold to be refined, and use a fresh batch of recycled metals from other old rings to cast your new ring.


Any additional questions?

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