Why Should You Design Custom Wedding Bands?​

Even though you know that you’re going to wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life, it can become a kind of afterthought when you spent so much time searching for an engagement ring and now you’re in the middle of wedding planning. But your wedding band is something you’ll wear everyday, often times on its own. Designing your own wedding rings together as a couple is a beautiful experience where you can both have a say and make something that truly represents you and your relationship.




Book a meeting to share your engagement ring ideas, timeline and budget. Financing available.


See sketched designs and estimates and give us feedback. We’ll revise until we’ve nailed the design and source additional stones if needed.


Your ring is architected and precisely engineered with CAD, cast in metal, and the stones are set by hand.


Your custom jewelry is ready!

Wedding Band Portfolio

See some of the wedding bands we’ve done in the past to get a feel for our work.

"Abby Sparks Jewelry was amazing to me and my husband. Our designer learned more about us, our lives, and what we were hoping to see in our rings. She took our ideas down and sketched some beautiful designs. The rings turned out absolutely perfect. They are beyond gorgeous. Me and my husband have gotten compliments from strangers on how beautiful they are. We are so happy to have unique custom rings rather than something off the shelf!"
CUSTOM Wedding Bands

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Ready to Start Designing?

We can work with you in-person at our studio or set up a video call to help you take the first step toward designing a ring. Design consultations are complementary and we’ll give you a quick call before your meeting to make sure we can help you.