Cluster Engagement Rings
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Cluster Engagement Rings

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One great way to add a unique touch to an engagement ring is by adding a cluster. Cluster engagement rings feature an assortment of clustered accent stones arranged in any pattern or design.

Cluster rings can be simple or extravagant, it’s just up to you and what you like. The cluster engagement rings featured in this blog are all one of a kind and will show you the wide-ranging variety of sizes, shapes, and designs that you can use as inspiration for your own cluster ring. At Abby Sparks Jewelry each and every piece is 100% custom – there are no duplicates. If you see something you like bookpark the page! When you’re ready to design your own piece we will look at all the inspiration and create a ring 100% just for you!

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Cluster ring inspiration:

The Dana cluster engagement ring with blue and green gemstones by Abby Sparks Jewelry.

The Dana Nature Inspired Cluster Ring With Heirloom Diamonds

This stunning cluster ring, the Dana, is a nature-inspired ring designed using heirloom stones from our client’s old heirloom diamond and sapphire rings. The heirloom stones belonged to our client’s late mother-in-law who wanted to use the stones to create a new and stunning piece as a beautiful way to honor her mother-in-law and give the stones new life. Foliage-style rings were the inspiration behind this custom piece. We added clusters of mossy green sapphires and aquamarine to this “bouquet” of stones to provide a  deep, rich color to tie in the natural elements.  Each different color stone is representative of herself, her husband, and their dog. 14k rose gold leaves accent the design and drawback to the earthy inspiration.


Custom rose gold engagement ring with a diamond, Montana sapphire, and alexandrite cluster The Sanka by Abby Sparks Jewelry.

The Sanka Ethical Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring


This organic, asymmetrical cluster ring was designed for the on-the-go lifestyle of a yoga instructor. In addition to a nature-inspired look, the wearer wanted this ring to be completely ethical. The clusters on either side of the Canadian diamond center stone are made up of conflict-free Montana sapphires and lab grown alexandrite.

The Mandi custom cluster engagement ring by Abby Sparks Jewelry

The Mandi Raw Diamond Rose Gold Ring


This beautifully contrasted cluster ring is made up of raw, gray diamonds and white diamond accents. These stones are beautifully clustered on a rose gold band to really highlight the edginess of this ring. The raw diamonds and matte rose gold make this asymmetrical ring really pop.

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The Teada, custom made cluster engagement ring by Abby Sparks Jewelry.


The Teada Diagonal Set Oval Cluster Engagement Ring

Can’t decide on a single color for your engagement ring? A cluster may be just what you’re looking for! The Teada diagonal set oval engagement ring, pictured above, was designed for our client who was drawn to unique and magical Montana sapphire gemstones and wanted to source one of these exquisite teal stones for her engagement ring. This is a stunning bouquet of sapphire, champagne diamond, and rough diamond.  This 1.03-carat Montana color-change sapphire practically glows in natural light, pulling in all of the natural elements our client was dreaming of.

Custom cluster engagement ring

The Francesca Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring


This cluster ring is composed of a variety of diamond shapes and sizes. The wearer wanted a ring that would fit into her active lifestyle and match her casual look. The clusters on either side of the diamond center stone are flipped mirror images so that they are asymmetrical, yet polished.


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The DRA Montana Sapphire Engagement Ring


This stunning cluster ring was designed with ethics in mind. The center stone is a green Montana sapphire and the clusters on either side are round and trillion cut moissanite. The couple lives in Mexico, so the design process was done digitally, through email and video chats. The DRA’s unique name comes from the disguise name used for any ring emails sent back and forth, “Debt Refinancing Agreement”.


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The Emily Asymmetrical Oval Cluster Ring


The Emily makes clusters look modern, yet completely elegant and classic. The oval diamond center stone is beautifully accented by various sized round diamonds on either side. This yellow gold engagement ring is all about sparkle, and these diamond clusters make it really shine.


The Rachael Aquamarine, Sapphire, and Diamond Cluster Ring in Rose Gold


The bright blue aquamarine and deep blue sapphire clusters make this ring feel natural and organic. The detailed milgrain and bright rose gold make this ring visually stunning. The round diamond center stone ties the whole thing together.


The Lauren Round Diamond Cluster Ring in Brushed Yellow Gold


This beautiful and classic engagement ring has nature inspired details. The leaf shaped clusters on either side lend to its organic feel. Milgrain details add to the intricacy of the ring and emphasize the nature-like details.


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The Amy Yellow Gold Amethyst Ring


This unique cluster engagement ring was made with repurposed amethyst. The vintage design and yellow gold setting makes these diamond clusters stand out. With the contrast of colors and the bride’s style in mind, this ring is proposal ready.


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The Marissa Marquise Diamond Cluster Band


This elegant, diamond cluster band is something from a fairytale. The asymmetrical design makes this ring perfectly imperfect. The assorted shapes of diamonds adds to the character and unique design of this band.


The Mary Rose Gold Diamond Ring with Leaf Accents


This stunning round diamond ring is accented with a variety of colorful diamond accents. The playful colored diamonds and the nature inspired details make this ring organic, yet glamorous.


The Hannah Geometric Shape Engagement Ring


This diamond ring is accented with geometric diamond clusters. The accent diamonds are an array of soothing, deep blues and teals. The geometric diamond accents and round diamond center stone give this ring a structured, yet elegant feel.

custom-engagement-ring-rose-gold-shapey-diamonds-lisaThe Lisa Rose Gold Octagon Diamond Ring


The Lisa is an octagon shaped diamond ring with a free flowing design. The variety of shapes and sizes as well as the asymmetrical layout gives this ring a modern feel. The bright rose gold and shining diamonds tie everything together to complete this look.

custom-engagement-ring-yellow-gold-diamond-blue-red-orange-sapphire-asymmetrical-accents-stacyThe Stacey Asymmetrical Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring with Sapphire Accents


The Stacey plays with shapes, colors, and design detail. The asymmetrical clusters on either side make this ring modern and organic. A mix of bright colored sapphires gives this ring a nature inspired look. These unique clusters are highlighted by intricate milgrain detail.


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custom-engagement-ring-yellow-band-blue-diamond-cluster-set-kinley-bandThe Kinleigh Diamond Cluster Wedding Band


The Kinleigh band is effortlessly elegant. The cluster contains three princess cut diamonds and eight smaller round diamond accents. The asymmetrical design and assorted shapes of diamonds give this wedding band a unique flare without distracting from the engagement ring it was designed to match.


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custom-engagement-ring-hammered-rose-gold-montana-sapphire-gradient-Liz-frontThe Liz Rose Gold Montana Sapphire Engagement Ring


Down to earth and organic, the Liz is comprised of a cool blue palette. The asymmetrical sapphire clusters are made up of various complimentary shapes and colors. Designed to be ethically conscious, all of the stones are humanely sourced.


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These cluster rings were each custom designed to fit the style of the woman they were made for. To learn more about cluster engagement rings and styles be sure to check out our cluster engagement ring guide. If you’re looking to create your very own custom cluster with us, call or schedule online at

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