Why design a custom wedding band?

Engagement rings typically get most of the attention, but your wedding ring is a great opportunity to add personality to your bridal set. Your wedding band acts like a crown for your engagement and it’s a huge design opportunity to add a different element that can be worn separately or work together to make one amazing ring stack. Making a custom wedding ring is also the best way to guarantee that it fits flush with your engagement ring, whether you made your engagement ring with us or not.




Book a meeting to share your engagement ring ideas, timeline and budget. Financing available.


See sketched designs and estimates and give us feedback. We’ll revise until we’ve nailed the design and source additional stones if needed.



Your ring is architected and precisely engineered with CAD, cast in metal, and the stones are set by hand.


Your custom jewelry is ready!


See some of the wedding rings we’ve designed in the past to get a feel for our work.

“LOVED working with Abby Sparks to design a custom wedding band. We received amazing customer service and a one of a kind ring. There was transparency and great communication the whole time. I get so many compliments all the time, and my husband is dying to get a custom wedding band for himself.”


Can I design a wedding ring with you if you didn’t design my engagement ring?

Absolutely! We work with a lot of people who have unique engagement rings that they need a custom wedding designed around.

Can I recycle my gold into a new ring?

When you make jewelry with us, we can help you recycle your old gold and send it off to be refined and give you a metal credit that goes toward your new piece of jewelry. We cannot recycle your gold if you are not making a new piece with us. Though all metals we use are 100% recycled, we cannot melt down your old gold and use it in your new piece because it needs to be refined and all alloys need to be removed. Using your existing gold as is compromises the integrity of the new jewelry and causes imperfections, pits, and alloy clumps and rendering the jewelry unwearable. What we can do is send your gold to be refined, and use a fresh batch of recycled metals from other old rings to cast your new ring.

Any additional questions?

Send us an email [email protected]

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Ready to Start Designing?

We can work with you in-person at our studio or set up a video call to help you take the first step toward designing a ring. Design consultations are complementary and we’ll give you a quick call before your meeting to make sure we can help you.