What Is A Bezel Prong?

An engagement ring setting is the entire metal part of the ring that holds the all diamonds and gemstones in place. A bezel prong setting is a signature Abby Sparks Jewelry setting that is a hybrid of prong setting and bezel setting. It features a pillow of metal surrounding the base of the stone, and has prongs coming over to secure the stone into the setting. It lends to a more modern and fresh look, simply because this a new setting that we do here at Abby Sparks Jewelry, and has not been featured in a lot of mainstream engagement ring designs.

Is Bezel Prong Setting Right For You?

Because of the amount of metal required to make a bezel prong setting, it gives you a lot of opportunities to play with shapes in your design. The bezel portion of the setting can be made into virtually any shape – hexagons, octagons, squares, etc. and then paired with a round stone for a really contrast forward look. To keep a bezel prong setting more timeless, keep you overall design pretty simple and streamlined. Watch the video to learn more about bezel prong settings and design tips for this unique setting style.


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Bezel Prong Pros and Cons


  • Provides a lot of structure and durability to your setting
  • Good for active lifestyles
  • Lets more light into a stone than a traditional bezel setting


  • Can be more expensive because more metal is required
  • Won’t allow as much light to pass through the stone as a traditional prong setting
  • Harder to clean than a prong setting

Who Are Bezel Prong Engagement Rings Right For?

A bezel prong setting is best for you if you have some level of activity in your day - to day life and are using your hands a lot. It provides the stability and structure of a traditional bezel setting, because of the pillow of metal that surrounds your center stone, but still allows a lot of light and adds delicacy to the piece because of the combination with a prong setting.

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