5 Ways to Save Money, and Still Get Your Dream Engagement Ring
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5 Ways to Save Money, and Still Get Your Dream Engagement Ring

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COVID-19 has affected everyone in completely different ways, and with so much up in the air, it’s hard to plan for the future. Adjusting your expectations is difficult at any time, but for people hoping to get engaged, those who just popped the question, and those with weddings around the corner, there are a lot of unforeseen challenges. For a lot of couples, their wedding budget has changed due to a multitude of life changes. Maybe your engagement ring budget has shifted, and that’s okay! We’re here to help you get your dream engagement ring with some tips and tricks to save some money along the way. These options are great ways to save money without sacrificing quality, luxury or design. 

Choose Moissanite Rather than a Diamond for your Center Stone

The Christophany, a moissanite engagement ring with a diamond halo


Moissanite is an excellent alternative to a diamond center stone. There is no way to tell the difference between a diamond and moissanite with the naked eye. Each stone is stunning and totally sparkly. Some people even prefer Moissanite because it has a slightly more colorful fireyness to it that makes it totally mesmerizing. Moissanite is still an extremely valuable stone, but you may be able to get the same size or an even bigger center stone (for less!) if you choose moissanite because you get more bang for your buck. Another great tip? Even if you want a diamond center stone, you can use moissanite for any accent stones. 


Choose a Smaller Center stone, but Add a Halo

The Lexi, a New Zealand inspired ring with a diamond halo


If you need to cut down on carat size, but love the look of a big center stone (who doesn’t?) you may want to add a halo to your engagement ring. Besides the fact that halos bring a totally unique and beautiful element to your design, they also increase the overall surface area of your engagement ring. Adding some beautiful diamonds, moissanite, or gemstones around your center stone will give you a wow factor that doesn’t cost as much as adding that extra carat. Plus, it’s fun to get creative and create a halo that showcases your style. 


Use White Gold Instead of Platinum for your Engagement Ring

The Kristy Set, an engagement ring with three wedding bands all made of white gold


While Platinum is an amazing metal to use for engagement rings because of its natural shine and amazing durability, it looks very similar to white gold, which doesn’t have such a high price tag. Platinum can be more than double the price of white gold, so this may be a great way to save and still maintain your dream look. White gold (and any other color of gold) is a perfect metal for your engagement ring because it is bright, valuable, and durable. This metal is much stronger than sterling silver and some of the other common metals used for fashion jewelry. It will always maintain its shine and it’s easy to polish and clean over the years of wear. 


Use an Heirloom Stone Rather than Buying a New Diamond or Other Stone

The Melissa, a diamond heirloom remodel with emerald accents


Using an heirloom stone is a great way to save money and still get a dazzling engagement ring. An heirloom stone will save you the cost of a new center stone (or accent stones) and is also an environmentally friendly option. Even if you think your heirloom stone isn’t what you imagine for your engagement ring, you would be in awe of our heirloom transformations. See our portfolio of heirloom jewelry we’ve created and you will see that with the right team, a love of jewelry, and a lot of creativity, we can make your heirloom stone into a refreshed, modern, and classic engagement ring.


Explore Gemstone Engagement Rings

The Laura, a stunning teal Montana sapphire engagement ring


While the classic diamond engagement ring is highly sought after and very traditional, there is a certain magic attached to gemstone engagement rings that we absolutely adore. Gemstones add a level of uniqueness to any engagement ring, and if you give them a chance, you may find that they suit you even better than the diamond you thought you wanted. Depending on the gemstone, they may also be a way to stay within your budget and get an even bigger center stone too. We love working with stones like Alexandrite, Sapphires, Emeralds, and Morganite (along with many others) because they are durable, beautiful, and very environmentally friendly as well. If you still want that sparkling diamond center stone, you can play around with gemstone accents to add a special flair to your engagement ring too. 


You shouldn’t have to compromise on your dream engagement ring just because of a change in your budget. These tips will save you money, without making you lower your expectations for quality or design. We would love to be a part of your engagement ring journey, and we will never push you to go outside of your budget. We’re here to help you create an engagement ring that’s everything you ever dreamed of, without the nightmare of a price tag you can’t afford. See our portfolio of custom engagement rings and call or email us to set up your virtual appointment.


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