What Is An Emerald?

Emeralds are a precious gemstone that is part of the beryl mineral family, and known for their lush green color; the word emerald derives from the greek word for “green stone.” The first known emerald came from Egypt around 330 BC and was favored by Cleopatra. Emeralds have figured prominently throughout history and across cultures. Emeralds are the birthstone for May and are said to reveal truth, protect against evil spirits, promote peace and healing, and activate the heart chakra. In the last century, emeralds have been famously worn by Jackie Kennedy, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce and Halle Berry.

Is An Emerald Engagement Ring Right For You?

Sophisticated and glamorous, emerald engagement rings are regal and unconventional in the best way. Paired with yellow gold, the bold contrast lends well to vintage-inspired Art Deco looks. Set with a white metal, emeralds create an all over cool color palette for a fresh looking design. If you’re interested in a nature-inspired, outdoorsy look you can pair the earthy green with a matte metal and leafy details. That ability to transition between ultra elegant jewelry fit for a queen, and earthy green looks is what makes emeralds so versatile. Watch the video to learn more about how to incorporate emeralds into your own engagement ring.


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Emerald Pros and Cons


  • Gemstone durability is rated from 1-10 on the Mohs Scale of hardness, emeralds are a 7.5-8
  • A versatile gemstone that can be used in a wide range of engagement ring styles
  • An impressive place in history and storied metaphysical properties give emeralds a unique allure


  • Not as durable or hard as diamonds, moissanite, sapphires or rubies
  • Emeralds are considered an unstable precious stone that can be scratched, dented, and cracked. They require a high level of care.
  • Emeralds do not sparkle or have the brilliance of diamonds

Who Is An Emerald Engagement Ring Right For?

Emeralds are not a good choice if you want a brilliant, sparkling stone: they do not have the look of a diamond. Emeralds are not a good choice if you lead an active lifestyle, work with your hands or are rough on your jewelry, a colored diamond or green sapphire may be a better choice. If you want a timeless, classic look then a white stone may be a better choice. If you want a bold, head-turning engagement ring, then emeralds are a great choice. Emeralds are a versatile gemstone and can accommodate a wide range of styles but they work particularly well with vintage-inspired and old Hollywood glam designs. Emeralds are also a great option for nature-inspired engagement rings.

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