Blog Feature COVID-19 Update: Circumstances Change, Hearts Don’t
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COVID-19 Update: Circumstances Change, Hearts Don’t

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Clients, community, family, and friends:

We all know what’s going on right now and I, too am very concerned…but I’m sure you’ve read enough articles like that already. Is the world ending? No. It’s changing. And we are changing with it. It’s time like these that bring people together, and remind us more powerfully of the things in life that are of the highest importance to us. Life isn’t canceled, and love stories are still being written. This note is to let you know about those changes and that my team and I are still operating and we’re still here for you and your love stories, just more virtually than normal.

For the time being, we have suspended in-person meetings and will be available virtually to our clients for design meetings, stone showings, questions, cleanings, ring deliveries, and jewelry drop offs via zoom, phone, email, and shipping so that both our clients and our team are best protected. We will be taking extra precautions at this time in the name of protecting our team and our clients. For my team that is involved in handling jewelry or stones, we will be sanitizing all things in order to keep both you and us safe. To get started on your jewelry virtually, you can book your zoom appointment here.

For clients with pieces currently in our pipeline: Design and production are still moving forward and your designer will be reaching out with additional assurance and detail. While we are doing our best to maintain our timelines, we do ask for patience should supply chain and logistical needs change during these uncertain times. You can be sure that we will keep you individually and collectively informed as we continue to pivot and make adjustments.

My team and I have built this company on faith, love, an incredible work ethic, and a deep need to honor the unique truth and spark that’s inside each of us. It’s in times like these that we have the opportunity to come through a challenge of this magnitude even more united, more grateful, more knowing. May we more powerfully lean not only into those people and things we love and treasure, but into the magic of our truths, into those things we know to be true but that we have not yet seen. What I know is that the story doesn’t end here. People come together in times of crisis, and we’ve always been here for love and connection. Every minute that we actively choose to focus on something that brings joy is a HUGE win right now.

With love,

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