What Is Alexandrite?

Alexandrite is a very rare variety of the mineral chrysoberyl that exhibirts the extraordinary phenomenon of color-change, appearing blue/green in daylight and red/purple in incandescent light. Referred to as “emerald by day, ruby by night,” alexandrite value is mainly determined by the purity of the green and red color and how dramatic the color change is. Because alexandrite is so rare, few people have seen this gemstone in person but when you design a ring with us, we source it so you can see it in person or in high definition video and photography. Alexandrite was first discovered in Russian in the early 19th century, and named for Alexander II. Much of the alexandrite used in engagement rings is lab created because the stone is so scarce. One of the June birthstones, Alexandrite is said to promote healing energy and is associated with the crown chakra.

Is A Alexandrite Engagement Ring Right For You?

Rare and chameleon-like, an alexandrite is a bold and unexpected choice for your engagement ring. Regardless of the setting you chose, an alexandrite engagement ring will skew alternative because it’s such an uncommon gemstone and its color is so hard to pin down. Alexandrite creates a strikingly cool contrast when paired with a white metal, but a rose gold setting creates a warm, radiant effect. Watch the video to lean more about designing an alexandrite engagement ring.

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Alexandrite Pros and Cons


  • Exceedingly rare: you’re guaranteed to have a very unique ring ring
  • There is no other gemstone with a comparable color-change
  • Gemstone durability is rated from 1-10 on the Mohs Scale of hardness, alexandrites are an 8.5


  • Not as durable or hard as diamonds or moissanite
  • Alexandrites do not sparkle or have the brilliance of diamonds

Who An Alexandrite Engagement Ring Right For?

If you want to guarantee you have a ring that no one else will have anything similar to, choose an alexandrite. Besides being a very rare stone, alexandrites are also not well known. If you don’t mind being asked about your stone a lot, it’s a great choice for an unconventional engagement ring. If you want a timeless or classic engagement ring, alexandrite is not the best option.

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