10 Incredibly Unique Engagement Rings That No One Else Will Have
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10 Incredibly Unique Engagement Rings That No One Else Will Have

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When you reach your mid-twenties, you very unceremoniously enter into a distinct years long period where your social feed becomes an endless stream of “just engaged” ring selfies; and to be completely honest, they all sort of blend and become indistinguishable after extended periods of scrolling. Need a palate cleanser? Check out some of the most unique engagement rings we’ve created at Denver’s top engagement ring design studio. Every ring you see here is one-of-a-kind, never duplicated, and guaranteed to snap you out of your every-ring-looks-the-same fatigue.

And hey, you might even get inspo for your own unique ring.


1. A Minimalist Design with an Unusual Center Stonecustom-engagement-ring-rose-gold-blue-topaz-bezel-krystin-front

Want an engagement ring that’s completely unexpected? Skip the diamond and opt for a gemstone engagement ring. With it’s ethereal blue 1 carat topaz, The Krystin will catch anyone’s eye, yet the minimalist and delicate feels effortlessly cool and modern.


2. A Diamond With an Edgecustom-engagement-ring-white-gold-rose-gold-milky-grey-diamond-Ellen

Play with tradition with a sparkling diamond band and a rough, grey diamond center stone. Rough diamond engagement rings like The Ellen (as seen on brides.com) are getting more visibility through indie jewelry designers but are still pretty under the radar and endlessly edgy.


3. An Unconventional Shape and a Colorful Stonecustom-engagement-ring-rose-gold-cushion-cut-kunzite-emerald-janrace

One of the quickest routes to ensure a unique engagement ring? The stone’s shape and setting. With it’s cushion cut, kite-set 6.85 carat kunzite, there’s not one aspect of The Janrace that doesn’t catch you by surprise.


4. Turn Convention on Its Headcustom-engagement-ring-yellow-gold-horizontal-emerald-cut-diamond-jordan

Something as simple as switching up your stone’s orientation has major impact on its uniqueness factor. The east-west engagement ring trend has been gaining major momentum, being featured in Brides and Martha Stewart Weddings, and an east west-setting like The Jordan guarantees you’ll have a super chic engagement ring that most brides wouldn’t even dream of.


5. An Engagement Ring With Some Historycustom-engagement-ring-dual-metal-repurposed-diamonds-leaves-organic-liz

Want a ring you know no one else will have? Use heirloom stones that comes from your personal history. Whether you have old jewelry you want to turn into an engagement ring, or hand-me-downs from a family member, using repurposed jewelry like The Liz means that your ring is 100% one-of-a-kind.


6. A Diamond in Any Color of the Rainbowcustom-engagement-ring-yellow-band-blue-diamond-cluster-set-kinleigh

You don’t have to be a celebrity to rock an engagement ring with colored diamonds, and they’re available in more colors than you think. A blue diamond ring like The Kinleigh adds major edginess to an otherwise classic solitaire design.



7. A Big and Bold Stone Topped Off with a Crowncustom-engagement-ring-aquamarine-diamond-white-gold-brooke-with-crown

What’s more unique than choosing a sparkling 4.05 carat aquamarine? Fitting it perfectly flush with the diamond crown it deserves. The Brooke scores big on individuality for stone, shape, size, and setting.



8. An Ombre Halo with Black Diamondshandmade-engagement-ring-palladium-diamond-grey-diamond-halo-molly

Forgo the ubiquitous diamond halo and opt for ombre diamonds like The Molly. With slight variations from colorless diamonds to champagne and then black diamonds, an ombre halo makes for a ring that shifts through a spectrum of hues.


9. A Mixed-Metal Combinationcustom-engagement-ring-rose-gold-platinum-oval-diamond-halo-caroline

Show that you can’t be pinned down by picking two different types of metals. The Caroline mixes rose gold with platinum for a distinct two-tone look that’s totally non-traditional and rarely used in engagement rings.



10. An Asymmetrical Assortment of Color and Shapecustom-engagement-ring-hammered-rose-gold-montana-sapphire-gradient-liz-front

One thing that almost every single other engagement ring has in common? Symmetry. To get an engagement ring that stands out from the crowd, go for a variation of clustered stones like The Liz, where the asymmetry feels perfectly imperfect.

If you’re the type that wants a ring that literally no one else will have, you’re a one-of-a-kind, custom engagement ring kinda girl. Book a design meeting and we’ll work with you to design an engagement ring exactly how you want it, completely unique, and 100% one-of-a-kind so you can guarantee that you’re the only person on the planet with your ring.

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