Montana Sapphires and Mermaid Sapphires
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Montana Sapphires and Mermaid Sapphires

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Teal and blue green sapphires go by a couple different names–Montana sapphire and mermaid sapphire–but they’re both talking about the same phenomena:

Beautifully colored sapphires that aren’t the traditional royal blue color typically associated with the gemstone. Instead, these ethereal stones are a unique and sometimes hard-to-explain combination of blue green, teal, gray, and even aqua…

… and right now, they’re more popular than ever.

In this article, we’ll go beyond the mesmerizing dreamy colors and explain what you need to know before getting this type of sapphire for an engagement ring, and show you some of our favorite blue green sapphire engagement rings so you can see the wide range of options you have for color, size, shape, and cost. All of our engagement rings are custom made and one of a kind, so if you’d like to create your own ring, please book a design meeting here

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What is a Montana Sapphire?

Montana sapphires are simply sapphires from Montana, the only US state where they are commercially mined. Though they’re found in a wide variety of colors, the most well-known are teal, blue/green, and blue-gray. Most Montana sapphires a have a distinct pale color that distinguishes them from the well-known vibrant and darker blue sapphires that most people are familiar with.

Montana Sapphire Origins

Sapphires were found in Montana in 1865 by early gold prospectors and are one of the reasons for that state’s nickname, “The Treasure State.” These were the first gem-quality sapphires found in the United States.

Mermaid Sapphires

Because of their teal, blue/green color, Montana sapphires are sometimes referred to as mermaid sapphires. These terms don’t point to different types of sapphires, but they’re a way to convey the unique color of Montana sapphires to consumers, and are commonly used on Pinterest and Etsy.

Are Montana Sapphires good for engagement rings?

We think so! Not only are they beautiful, but Montana sapphires (like all sapphires) are 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale used by jewelers and gemologists alike. They are one of the most durable options for jewelry, coming in third behind diamonds and moissanite. They’re also conflict-free because they’re ethically mined in the United States.

Think you want a mermaid engagement ring? Ahead, scroll through our favorite sapphire rings that just so happen to be from MT.

Montana Sapphire Engagement Rings


2.27ct bi-color sapphire engagement ring, The Heather

The Heather engagement ring has a rare bi-color Montana sapphire that shows deep blue, green and purple tones depending on the light. When people say mermaid sapphire, this multi-color phenomenon that they’re talking about.


1.45ct emerald cut teal sapphire engagement ring, The Christina, From $13,000

The Christina’s emerald cut teal sapphire center stone has a hint of gray and emits a different depth of blue or green depending on the light and angle.


1.73ct green sapphire engagement ring, The Donna, from $13,500

Light green and bright indoors and with an otherworldly aqua glow in sunlight, The Donna’s round cut center stone looks different from every angle.


0.44 Teal sapphire engagement ring, The Jean

Made with a vintage Montana sapphire, this stone’s unique not only for its color but also for it’s octagon shape.


1.38ct gray blue sapphire engagement ring, The Elizabeth, from $12,995

Showing how versatile the gemstone can go, The Elizabeth puts a regal spin on what is usually a pretty alternative looking stone.


1.65ct green sapphire engagement ring, The DRA, from $10,500

With hints of yellow and set in yellow gold, The DRA gives it’s green sapphire center stone more of an earthy vibe. This custom ring is also totally ethical, made with conflict free moissanite and 100% recycled metal.


1.56ct sapphire ring, The Liz, from $9,000

Can’t choose just one color? The Liz ring is made up of 8 different Montana sapphires in a cool color palette that ranges from deep blue, teal, gray, and hints of purple.


1.18ct aqua sapphire ring, The Sierra, from $6,500

A true mermaid sapphire, The Sierra’s aqua sapphire center stone is an oval cut, set horizontally for an alternative twist.


0.70ctw dark green sapphire and diamond ring, The Lindsey, from $8,000

Showing just how dark green sapphires can get, The Lindsey’s small round stones have a gray tinge for a mossy, forest green effect.


0.29 gray Montana sapphire ring, The Samantha, from $10,450

The Samantha asymmetrical stone sapphire ring shows off the wide range of colors sapphires are available in. While the only sapphire sourced from Montana is the grey center stone, all three are sapphires.


1.09ct yellow sapphire engagement ring, The Tracy, from $13,200

Another conflict free engagement ring, The Tracy’s unique center stone is a yellow Montana sapphire. Canadian diamond accent stones and 100% recycled metal make the ring totally ethical.


0.61ct dark blue sapphire tulip ring, The Lynn, from $10,450

Montana sapphire does not refer to a color, but to where a Montana is sourced, and The Lynn shows just how dark a Montana sapphire can go.

4.87 ct teal sapphire engagement ring, The Laura, from $35,000

This elongated emerald cut teal sapphire ring, The Laura, is a great example of playing with shapes and color to add interest to your engagement ring.

1.43 ct ice blue sapphire engagement ring, The Hope, from $25,500

The Hope shows us the magic of paring your mermaid sapphire with a halo of diamonds, achieving an overall ice princess effect.


1ct blue green sapphire engagement ring, The Emily, from $8,500

With a beautiful blue gray green center stone, The Emily proves that not all sapphires that look like Montana’s are. So if you’re looking for this particular hue, you may want to look beyond “The Treasure State”.

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