6 Essential Design Elements of Modern Engagement Rings
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6 Essential Design Elements of Modern Engagement Rings

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For the couple who is at the forefront of cutting edge fashion and contemporary design, a modern engagement ring is the best way to celebrate your individual style and put a ring on it at the same time.

Contemporary ring design is characterized by its sleek aesthetic, clean lines, and minimalistic approach. Modern jewelry often features bezel or prong settings on untraditional stones, like rough or natural diamonds and gemstones. It’s all about being unconventional, alternative, and ahead of the curve. Let’s face it, going into 2019 there is no need to fit into conventional style guidelines anymore. Throw in your own flair – be weird, be different, do what you like. Whether you’re feeling an ombre halo, or a starburst of sapphires, or even a meteor ring, contemporary style is focused on expressing YOURself and the things that are unique to YOU.


(Elegant and delicate, The Robin repurposed heirloom diamond engagement ring adds a flowery halo to its center stone).

Unexpected accents in unique shapes, like the ones here on The Sandy and The Robin, add an unconventional touch and a personal flair to your contemporary engagement ring. Geometric accents, like the rectangular baguette cut diamonds in The Sandy add structure and a luxe, sculptural aesthetic. More organic and free accents, like the diamonds on The Robin not only are a fun pop of personality, but create a symmetrical composition that is artistic and vintage inspired – but totally of the moment.


(The rose gold setting of The Frances round diamond 6 prong engagement ring gives the ring a more romantic, feminine look).


(The Cheryl twist engagement ring uses black diamonds to create contrast and drama).

Modern engagement ring settings often feature bezel or prong settings, because of the many variations these types of settings offer. Prong settings, like on The Frances, are minimalistic and clean. They also are strong and durable, making sure your stone stays in place forever. Prong settings can be exaggerated for a more dramatic effect, like on The Cheryl. A setting, like all contemporary design can be reimagined to create a new expression.


(The band of The Margie custom round brilliant diamond engagement ring is bold and sophisticated).


(The thick rose gold band with hand carved stars of The Sarah moissanite constellation engagement ring adds dimension and detail).


(The split band on The Erica double band marquise diamond engagement ring creates a unique geometric shape).

Modern engagement ring bands often feature strong sculptural elements. Whether that be minimalistic like The Margie, more organic like The Sarah, or aesthetically focused like The Erica. Though often taking a back seat to the center stone, the band adds so much to the overall look and feel of your engagement ring. It is the foundation in which the rest of the ring can build upon. As a key element of good design, there is no better area to add texture than the band. When thinking about designing your ring, it’s important to not forget this oft forgotten key ingredient.


(The Valerie split band ruby engagement ring features an unexpected bright red ruby).


(The blue, teal, and gray accent stones of The Hannah geometric shape engagement ring allow the center stone to really pop).

Something that traditional engagement rings frequently lack is color. Avoiding the use of white or colorless diamonds, modern engagement rings expertly utilize colored diamonds and gemstones, without sacrificing sophistication. The Valerie uses a show-stopping red ruby, completely throwing tradition out of the window, opting for a more dramatic and stylish look. Using color adds an element of depth and mystery to your jewelry. Another example of a truly modern use of color is the rose cut colored-diamonds in The Hannah. The diamonds add an unexpected twist to a timeless silhouette. Add a touch of color into your ring design to show personality and make your custom engagement ring even more personal.


(The Hannah Virginia oval diamond solitaire engagement ring gets its laid-back vibe from its simplistic style).

You won’t find any frills here. One of the characteristics of modern design is minimalism, which can translate just as nicely onto jewelry as it can to interior design. Many modern engagement ring styles use a minimalistic approach that is simple and elevated. The soft curved petal prong setting of The Hannah Virginia emphasizes the single diamond. For the gal who loves to keep it simple, it’s possible to create a stunning engagement ring with a single stone.


(The half moon and east-west set oval diamond accents on The Kelly ethical princess cut diamond engagement ring put a twist on the classic three-stone setting).

Gone are the days of having no idea where the stones in your jewelry were sourced, and at what price. With so many quality lab-grown options available that are 100% real, you can now have the best of both worlds: beautiful design and guilt-free sparkle. The ultra-sparkly stones set in The Kelly are lab-grown diamonds, allowing you to know exactly where your stones were sourced from. Another great ethical option is moissanite, which costs significantly less than lab-grown diamonds, and have even more brilliance and fire than diamonds.

Every year, moissanites are becoming a more and more popular choice in engagement rings because of their guaranteed ethical sourcing and benefit to the environment. Canadian Diamonds, like the ones in The Kimi, are also an excellent option for your ethical engagement ring.

Modern engagement ring design can take a variety of forms. While there are basic elements that characterize this contemporary design movement, it’s up to you to take the design elements and make them your own. Whether that’s building off of tradition or completely charting a new course, we can’t wait to help you create your modern engagement ring.