What Is A Cluster Engagement Ring?

Cluster engagement rings feature an assortment of clustered accent stones arranged in any pattern or design around a main, center stone. This style has been around since early jewelry making when the more stones used, the more prestigious the ring and wearer. Technically, some halo rings are clusters and in the late 18th century, floral diamond daisy rings were popular, then in the early part of the 20th century cluster rings were synonymous with cocktail rings. In recent years, cluster engagement rings have gained popularity, especially in asymmetrical colored diamond and gemstone patterns, or with no definitive center stone.

Is A Cluster Ring The Right Style For You?

Clusters are a great way to add personality to your engagement ring. For a luxe, blingy vibe go with allover diamonds grouped tightly together. A floral pattern in rose gold is the ultimate romantic ring. And if you want to make a statement, large stones in a starburst pattern creates a vintage glam look. If you’re more bohemian, an asymmetrical cluster with negative space makes for an effortless, non-traditional feel. Watch the video to learn about how you can personalize your own cluster ring.

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Cluster Ring Pros and Cons


  • Tightly clustered diamonds create the appearance of a larger stone without the expense of one
  • Adds extra brilliance and sparkle to a design
  • This versatile style offers a wide range of ways to make your ring unique


  • Multiple stones require more maintenance and cleaning than one
  • Small stones have a higher likelihood of becoming loose and falling out
  • Small dainty prongs around stones have a higher likelihood of becoming loose

Who Are Cluster Rings Right For?

Clusters are a great choice if you want extra sparkle and personality in your ring. Clustered diamonds create the illusion of a larger center stone, so it’s a good option if you want maximum sparkle for your budget. There are endless types of clusters and possibilities, but they tend to have a vintage or alternative feel, especially if you use colored gemstones. This can be a great way to introduce color into your jewelry while keeping some of the traditional flare. Cluster engagement rings are not a good choice if you want a low maintenance ring or are rough on your jewelry, work with your hands, or have an active lifestyle.

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