What Is A Diamond Engagement Ring?

Diamonds are the most concentrated form of pure carbon and the strongest and hardest mineral on earth. Prized for their durability and beauty, diamonds were first used in engagement rings in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with rings set with diamonds in the shape of an “M”. Today an estimated 80 percent of proposals are made with diamond rings and they far outsell any of the other gemstones combined. Because of they’re everlasting nature, diamonds are said to symbolize unbreakable fidelity.

4 C’s

Each diamond is unique and quality is assessed using a globally accepted standard, the 4Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carat.

Is A Diamond Engagement Ring Right For You?

Iconic and timeless, diamond engagement rings are a classic for a reason: diamonds are the hardest natural material on the planet, making diamonds the best choice for everyday wear. Most popular in their colorless form, diamonds are extremely versatile and lend well to almost any style. Watch the video to learn more about designing a custom diamond engagement ring.

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Diamond Pros and Cons


  • Gemstone durability is rated from 1-10 on the Mohs Scale of hardness, diamonds are a 10
  • Nearly indestructible, diamonds are the most durable choice for an engagement ring
  • Diamonds are by far the most popular and the most sought after engagement ring center stone
  • No other stone has the distinct beauty and optical properties of a diamond
  • Diamonds come in many colors including pink, blue and yellow
  • Diamonds are available in ethical lab created options and in ethical mined options from Canada


  • Though the Kimberley Process’s code of ethics is industry standard for what is a “conflict free diamond,” there can be loopholes in the system. Guaranteeing a non “blood diamond” means doing research and asking questions

Who Is A Diamond Engagement Ring Right For?

Diamond engagement rings are for the vast majority of people; it’s what most people picture and want for their own engagement ring. If you want a classic or traditional engagement ring, a diamond is your best best. Diamonds are extremely versatile so if you’re looking for a more alternative engagement ring but want the durability of a diamond, you can achieve a non traditional look with the ring setting. Diamonds are the best choice for you if you work with your hands, lead an active lifestyle, or are rough on your jewelry.

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