What Is A Diamond Cut?

One of the Four C’s of diamonds, diamond cut is considered to be one of the most important things to consider when buying a diamond. The cut of your diamond determines the fire and brilliance of your stone, without a high cut grade even a flawless diamond can appear dull. Different cuts create different types of sparkle, but the quality of that particular cut is what you need to pay attention to ensure your diamond will have a lot of sparkle.

What Diamond Cut Is Right For You?

When made with the right proportions and measurements,a good diamond cut will bounce light back out of the top of the stone. If a cut is not made with the right measurements, it can cause light to leak out of the sides or bottom of stone, and make your diamond appear less sparkly and brilliant. Watch the video to learn what cut grade if best to choose for your diamond.

Diamond Cut Chart Abby Sparks Jewelry Graphic

Additional Resources

The 4C’s include diamond color, cut, clarity and carat

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