What Is A Carat?

Some people believe that the carat relates to a diamonds size, but carat actually measures the weight of a diamond or gemstone. However, the more weight generally means the bigger stone, depending on the proportion of your diamond cut. A high carat diamond with a badly proportioned cut may actually appear smaller, so it’s important to consider the cut of your diamond in conjunction with it’s carat size.

What Diamond Carat Weight Is Right For You?

Most people want the most carat weight and largest diamond that their budget can buy. However, diamond price tags increase as carat weight increases. The average engagement ring is between 1 and 2 carats, but it’s important to remember that diamond’s value is determined by all of the Four C’s; Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. Watch the video tips on what to consider with diamond.

Diamond Carat Chart


Additional Resources

The 4C’s include diamond color, cut, clarity and carat

Diamond Color Chart

Diamond Cut Chart

Diamond Clarity Chart

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