What Is The Diamond Clarity Chart?

One of the Four C’s of diamonds, diamond clarity affects the way your diamond sparkles. The clarity of the diamond is graded on how well light passes through the stone, without being interrupted by inclusions, or little spots and clouds inside the diamond. These inclusions stop the light from cleanly passing through a diamond, and thus detract from the stone’s overall clarity. Diamonds that are internally flawless, or have no inclusions, are going to be much more expensive than diamonds with inclusions. The diamond clarity chart was created in order to rank diamonds on their clarity based on the count, size, location, and severity of inclusions and blemishes a diamond may display.

What Diamond Clarity Is Right For You?

Diamonds are formed over millions of years under extreme pressure and temperatures, and inclusions and flaws are a result of this intense process. Some inclusions can add some character to your diamond and act as a testament to how it was formed. Watch the video to learn more about what clarity ranking you should realistically aim for when choosing a diamond.

Diamond Clarity Chart

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