What Is Diamond Color?

Every diamond has a unique degree of color, even though they may appear colorless at first glance. One of the Four C’s, diamond color refers to the amount of yellow or brown hues in a colorless diamond. The Diamond Color Chart gives each individual stone a diamond color rating, and determines the quality and price of the stone. The scale begins at the letter D (completely colorless) and ranks to Z (more yellow). This chart is not to be confused with colored diamonds, or diamonds that have shades of pink, blue etc. All D-Z diamonds are considered to be white diamonds.

What Diamond Color Is Right For You?

While diamond color is considered the second most important factor to diamond quality, you don’t need a perfect “D” grade diamond to still have a colorless look. Often the coloring of a diamond between a G-J can be very slight.  Watch the video to learn more about what color ranking is the best choice for your ring.

Diamond Color Chart

Additional Resources

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