Step 1: Booking

Step 2: Design Meeting

Step 3: Sketching

Step 4: Stone Showing

Step 5: Production

Step 6: Delivery

Step 1: Booking

How do I book a consultation?

Book a design meeting online or call in to schedule your in-person or remote one hour consultation. We’ll give you a quick call before your meeting to talk about the jewelry you want to create, if you have a deadline, and what your budget is (financing available). If we’re a fit for your project, we’ll keep your upcoming appointment.

Booking Information and Questions

Is there a fee for booking a design meeting?

There is no fee for booking a design meeting, whether you cancel or not. The design meeting itself is also complementary.

Can you work around my schedule?​

We will do our best to accommodate your schedule and we have appointments available Tuesday-Saturday. Even if you live locally in Denver, we can complete any or all of the design process by phone and video meetings.

Step 2: Design Meeting

What happens during the design meeting?​

You’ll meet one on one with the jewelry designer you’ll be working with through the entire process, either in person in our Denver studio or over video meeting. If you have heirloom jewelry or loose stones you want to incorporate, this is when you’ll show us. You don’t need to know anything about jewelry, diamonds, or design (you can rely on us for that.) We’ll talk about who the jewelry is for, what makes them special, and any design ideas and inspiration you have. We’ve got complimentary beer, whiskey and wine to help get your creating process flowing. By the end of the meeting, we’ll have a solid idea of design and budget and if you’d like to move forward, we ask that you put down a $500 design deposit that will go towards the final cost of your custom jewelry.


What should I bring to this meeting?​

You don’t need to bring anything into this meeting; it’s our job to help guide you toward the best jewelry for your unique style. Inspiration photos and having some idea of what you like and don’t like is helpful but not necessary. If you’re making jewelry for someone else, having access to their Pinterest board or showing us photos of them/their style can help the process.

What if I’m not sure what I want exactly?​

Most people aren’t, and even when they do come in with a very clear idea, it’s common for it to change at least a little bit after they learn more about the durability of different stones, metals, and certain popular styles.

Step 3: Sketching

How we design your ring.

We’ll take all of your inspiration, ideas, and specifications and bring them to life on paper with a critical eye toward durability, timeless design, structural integrity, and staying within your budget. We’ll email you 3-5 sketches initially, and go through feedback and revisions until you get exactly what you envisioned. We truly want you to love your design.

Sketching Information and Questions

What if I don’t love any of the sketches?

Please tell us. After we send you sketches, we rely on your honest feedback so that we can get you revisions that best represent what you had in mind. It does not hurt our feelings!

Step 4: Stone Showing

What to expect during the stone showing.​

We responsibly source stones just for you based on your design, ethics, desired quality, and budget. At your stone showing meeting you’ll get to see, and hand select each stone that goes into your jewelry. PS: we’ll never show you stones that are out of your price range or under our high quality standards.

Step 5: Production

How your ring gets produced.​

We’ll precisely engineer and architect your design into a 3D CAD model and send you a digital rendering of all angles for your approval. Once approved, we take the 3D concept to metal and make a casting of your ring. Then we hand set your stones, add design details and polish.

Production Information and Questions

Why does the CAD look so big?

It’s common for people to be thrown off by the 3D rendering of their ring; the CAD model looks bigger, bulkier, and more mechanical than the final jewelry will, but it’s an important part of the engineering process.

Step 6: Delivery

What to expect when your ring is ready!

You’ll come in for a 30 minute meeting to pick up your finished custom jewelry. We’ll talk about care and cleaning, provide an appraisal, ring insurance info, and documentation on stones.

Delivery Information and Questions

What do I receive in addition to my custom jewelry?

You’ll get your own personal folder with an appraisal that you will need to get jewelry insurance, information on jewelry insurance, documentation on the stones in your jewelry, care and cleaning instructions, and a hand painted sketch of your unique jewelry.

How do I get my jewelry cleaned and inspected?

We like to care for our jewelry for life, and we require you to bring in or ship your jewelry to us once per year for a professional cleaning and inspection (we call this the VIP treatment). Four times a year, we have designated VIP weeks where you can drop off your jewelry for a complimentary cleaning and inspection, so make sure you sign up for our newsletter to see when VIP weeks are announced. If we don’t see your jewelry once a year, we reserve the right to charge you for repairs.

Ready to Start Designing?

We can work with you in-person at our studio or set up a video call to help you take the first step toward designing a ring. Design consultations are complementary and we’ll give you a quick call before your meeting to make sure we can help you.