What Is A Canadian Diamond Engagement Ring?

A Canadian diamond is a mined diamond formed in Canada. What makes Canadian diamonds so special is that they are currently the only source for ethically mined diamonds. Diamonds were first discovered in Canada in 1991 and the country is now one of the top producers globally. Though the Kimberley Process’s code of ethics is industry standard for what is a “conflict free diamond,” there can be loopholes in the system. If you want to further guarantee a conflict free engagement ring, Canada is one of the few regions that go beyond these guidelines. Unlike other countries with diamond minds, Canada does not have wars or conflicts, making diamonds sourced here conflict-free and without risk of being a “blood diamond.” Beyond that, Canada has much stricter laws in place regarding the mining impact: before mining, a company must calculate the impact on air, water, wildlife, and social and economic implications. Many but not all Canadian diamonds have laser inscriptions that can only be seen under magnification.

Is A Canadian Diamond Engagement Ring Right For You?

If you want a mined diamond engagement ring and a guarantee that it is conflict-free then Canadian diamonds are realistically your only option. Diamonds can be mined ethically, but a mine that is currently in good standing could potentially become problematic or could have been in the past. Lab created diamonds and the diamond alternative moissanite are ethical because they are made in a lab, but many people want the history that comes with a diamond that was created over billions of years in the earth. If you’re one of those people, watch the video to learn more about designing a Canadian diamond engagement ring.

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Canadian Diamond Pros and Cons


  • Conflict-free and ethical, you can know the origin of your diamond with 100% certainty
  • Canadian diamonds are mined diamonds, they’re just specifically from Canada


  • Typically more expensive than other mined diamonds

Who Is A Canadian Diamond Engagement
Ring Right For?

If you love diamonds but have your heart set on an ethical engagement ring that also comes from the earth, a Canadian diamond engagement ring is your only choice.

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