Conflict Free Engagement Rings: Cruelty Free Diamonds and Eco Friendly Alternatives
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Conflict Free Engagement Rings: Cruelty Free Diamonds and Eco Friendly Alternatives

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For environmentally or socially conscious couples, proposing can get put on hold when you’re sifting through conflict free engagement rings and researching ethical jewelry companies. Conflict free engagement rings exist because of the unfortunate reality that fine jewelry can pose both environmental issues and human rights abuses. Mining precious metals risks damage to the environment, harvesting diamonds risks funding conflict (called “blood diamonds”), and diamond miners aren’t always working in safe conditions or making fair wages. Because of the different kinds of conflicts, it’s important to figure out what social and environmental issues are important to you as a couple, specifically to your partner who will be wearing her ring for the rest of her life.




A custom lab grown diamond engagement ring made by Abby Sparks Jewelry.


As a Denver custom engagement ring designer, we specialize in making conflict free engagement rings and managing the production from start to finish to ensure that your ring is cruelty free. We can guide you on how to make sure you get a ring that honors your commitment to ethics, as well as your commitment to each other. If you know you need a conflict free engagement ring, get inspired with these beautiful options that include man made diamonds, ethical diamonds, diamond alternatives, eco friendly rings, and more.


An Ethical Diamond Engagement Ring with Recycled Metals


The Ring: The Kimi 14k rose gold, 1.06 carat Canadian Diamond engagement ring

What makes it conflict free: Responsibly sourced Canadian diamond, recycled metals

For some women, a stone that’s been developing for billions years in the earth just resonates, and their desire for a diamond is undeniable. Diamonds are valuable, meaningful, from the earth, and symbolize just how rare and special your relationship is. If she wants an ethical mined diamond, she wants a non blood diamond that is harvested from the earth, but with no chance of negatively affecting the planet or it’s people. You can find ethically mined diamonds from the earth (they do exist!) and The Kimi is proof of this. The Kimberley Process is industry standard for conflict free diamonds, and Canada is one of the few countries that has even stricter regulations. We source diamonds from Canada for brides who have to have a diamond engagement ring, but needs to know it hasn’t harmed anyone or anything along the way.


A Diamond Alternative Ring That Looks Like the Real Thing

bobby imp

The Ring: The Laura 14k yellow gold, 2 carat lab-grown moissanite ring

What makes it conflict free: Lab-grown moissanite, recycled metal

If she’s looking for a non diamond engagement ring, it could be for a few reasons so you’ll need to get clear on why she wants an alternative. A moissanite engagement ring like The Laura is for someone who likes the look of diamonds, but either doesn’t want to risk getting a blood diamond, or doesn’t want to contribute to the demand of diamonds. To the untrained eye, diamonds and moissanite look exactly alike, even when side by side (see: Moissanite v Diamonds). Almost all moissanite engagement rings on the market, including this one, feature lab grown stones which eliminates any negative environmental or social impact. Moissanite engagement rings are also more budget-friendly than diamonds, so you can go for a bigger rock without a bigger investment.


A Lab Created Diamond That’s The Real Deal

ginny front

The Ring: The Ginny 14k white gold, 1 carat lab-grown diamond ring

What makes it conflict free: Lab-created diamond, recycled metal

If an ethical diamond is a must, but she doesn’t need to know it came from the earth, lab grown diamonds are as conflict free as it gets. The Ginny was made for the bride where an ethical engagement ring is an absolute non-negotiable, but they also don’t want to break with the tradition of a classic diamond engagement ring. Chemically and structurally identical to mined diamonds, lab created diamonds are the real deal. Man made diamonds have all of the sparkle with none of the negative environmental or social impact. As a former Peace Corp volunteer, Ginny’s altruistic and humanitarian nature was the inspiration for her lab created diamond engagement ring.


A Classic Looking Cruelty Free Diamond Engagement Ring


The Ring: The Lindsay 14k white gold, 1.5 carat lab-grown diamond ring

What makes it conflict free: Lab grown diamond, recycled metal

It’s classic solitaire design and stone-accented band in white gold make The Lindsay more than meets the eye. Because of its timeless design, a lab made diamond engagement ring like The Lindsay is perfect for a bride who demands an ethical diamond, but doesn’t need anyone else to know. While man made diamonds may be created in mere weeks instead of billions of year, she’ll be able to wear her commitment to social and environmental causes for the rest of your lives.


A Lab Grown Gemstone Non Diamond Engagement Ring


The Ring: The Kelsey 4.7 carat lab-grown, pink sapphire

What makes it conflict free: Recycled metal, lab created pink sapphire

If she wants to avoid the sometimes sordid history of traditional diamonds all together and does’t care to emulate the look either, a lab grown gemstone is the answer. Even though blood diamonds bear the brunt of negative associations, mining gemstones can also have negative social and environmental consequences. Using a lab grown gemstone like The Kelsey’s 4.7 carat lab-grown pink sapphire meets the highest of ethical standards. It’s eco friendly, cruelty-free, and opting for a man made gem instead of a diamond lessens the demand for diamonds as a whole. A colorful gemstone engagement ring lets everyone know that it’s definitely not a diamond.


Sustainable Sapphires From a Range of Ethical Sources


The Ring: The Liz 14k rose gold and ethical sapphire engagement ring

What makes it conflict free: Lab grown sapphires, Montana sapphires, recycled metal

For the bride who wants a mix of conflict free gemstones, a ring like The Liz demonstrates all the different ways that we can ethically source stones. Each gem featured in this asymmetric beauty is sourced in a socially and environmentally responsible way. The Liz was created with a combination of lab-grown sapphires, and sapphires harvested right here in the United States in Montana. Montana sapphires are mined stones that meet the highest ethical standards and (bonus!) they create less of a carbon footprint than stones sourced from different countries.


An Eco Friendly Moissanite Ring with Extra Sparkle


The Ring: The Chelsea 14k white gold, 1.70 lab-grown moissanite; 0.56 carat lab-grown moissanite, 0.50 carat lab-grown moissanite

What makes it conflict free: Lab-grown moissanite, recycled metal

If she loves the brilliance of diamonds, but wants a non diamond engagement ring, consider using lab-grown moissanite. A stone’s sparkle is measured in brilliance, and moissanite not only has higher brilliance than diamonds, it also has a fire that is higher than any other stone. Creating a ring with moissanite in a three stone setting like The Chelsea means more white, sparkling stone for your budget. Moissanite rings are perfect for the bride that doesn’t want a diamond and wants her bling budget to go farther.


An Ethical Diamond Engagement Ring with Recycled Metals


The Ring: The Andrea 14k yellow gold, 1.56 carat lab grown diamond engagement ring
What makes it conflict free: Lab grown diamond, recycled metal

When the number 1 priority is guaranteeing that a diamond is ethical, you can’t beat lab grown. Grown in a laboratory instead of growing in the Earth, the differences really stop there. Lab grown diamonds are not diamond alternatives or non diamonds in any way, they’re the real deal and follow the same GIA grading as all other diamonds. A beautiful diamond engagement ring like The Andrea shows just how stunning these man made diamonds can be.

It’s important to prioritize your values when designing a piece as meaningful as an engagement ring. If those values emphasize ethical sourcing and being kind to our planet, you’re in good company — and you have plenty of design options! Whether it’s bling, budget, color, or style, you don’t have to sacrifice to create your conflict free ring. Have more questions about ethical engagement rings? Feel free to give us a call — the team at Abby Sparks Jewelry is happy to help. All Abby Sparks Jewelry engagement rings are made with eco-friendly 100% recycled metals, and we prioritize ethical sourcing. All of the diamonds we work with in our studio have been sourced through the Kimberley Process, the industry standard for conflict free diamonds.

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