The Micaela

Vintage Halo Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

The Nicole

Vintage Inspired Oval Emerald Engagement Ring

The Laura

Ornate Diamond Halo Ring

The Emily Rose

Halo Cluster Ring with 2 Carat Montana Sapphire

The Lisa

Rose Cut Halo Ring

The Brandi

Two Carat Lab Grown Diamond Marquis Halo Ring

The Amelia

Sapphire Clustered Halo Ring

The Adria

Vintage Floral Style Engagement Ring

The Nora

Geometric Half Halo Ring

The Marisa

Antique Vintage Diamond Ring

The Ari

Ethical Lab Grown Sapphire Engagement Ring

The Rachel

Spiral Halo Ring

The Abby

Diamond Starburst Ring

The Ashley

Round Diamond Halo Ring

The Ellie

Oval Cut Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring

The Stina

Montana Sapphire Art Deco Ballerina Ring