Guys, Here’s Why You Need to Design Her a Custom Engagement Ring
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Guys, Here’s Why You Need to Design Her a Custom Engagement Ring

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“Insist upon yourself. Be original.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

OK fellas, listen up. You probably already know this, but you have a very special lady on your hands. She’s original. Unique. One-of-a-kind. In a sea of conformity, she emerges an individual. After all, that’s surely why you fell in love with her. Her confidence in her own being is what attracted you most.

Right side profile and details of the The Morgan, an engagement ring made of platinum, 5.57 carat sapphire, and 1.28 ctw diamonds custom made by Abby Sparks Jewelry.

(Propose with an engagement ring that’s as unique as her. Read on for why a custom creation like the Morgan’s diamond halo and main sapphire stone are a must have for jewelry.)

At Abby Sparks Jewelry, we have nothing but love for this connection that’s formed between the both of you. And now that it’s come the time for you two to merge into one beautiful unity, we see it right that you commemorate your adoration to the fullest.

Your stand out gal requires a stand out engagement ring. And that isn’t something you can find at any ol’ regular big box store. Oh no.

For those that express an independent spirit, we suggest going the custom design route for her engagement ring.

(Our Custom Design Process goes a little something like this: consultation, sketch, CAD model, and the ring is soon to be your’s. Simple, huh?)

Custom engagement rings allow for every lady to rock her personality and style right on her finger. Never duplicated, a custom engagement ring  symbolizes her and her only. Sound too good to be true? We promise it’s not. And we’ve got all the proof of why you should venture to the side of custom design.


Read on for the 5 reasons why you need to design her a custom engagement ring!


1. She Can Have Anything and Everything She Wants

Treat her like a queen! The greatest benefit of choosing custom vs. customized engagement rings is that custom grants full agency. Anything she can imagine on her dream engagement ring is within reach.

With a gorgeous blend of stone, metal, setting, and small details like engraving or accent gems, your love  story gets told without a word needing to be spoken.

Custom engagement ring made with platinum and 1 carat diamond center stone and diamond accents custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Alexa.Custom engagement ring made with 14k yellow gold, 3 carat oval cut blue topaz, and diamond accents custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The JanMarie.

(Right: delicate and feminine, the Alexa features a 1 carat diamond with pear cut accent stones set on platinum metal. Polished off with a prong sitting and a special inside engraving. Left: The JanMarie combines a strikingly blue 3 carat topaz contrasted against a yellow gold band.)

Whether she favors a classic ring look like diamonds on a platinum band, a la the Alexa above, or resonates with a more alternative engagement ring like one made with a gemstone like the Janmarie, any element she prefers is her’s for the taking.

With our custom design process, we move beyond the typical and cater to every little detail of the bride-to-be’s desires. Check out our field guide for the full breakdown on the various aspects to keep in mind when designing an engagement ring. From her center stone, to metal choice, and the accents that really make it shine (think halos, stone clusters, prong vs. bezel displays, and many more) the sky’s the limit with possibilities.


2. You Can Actually Stick to a Budget


custom engagement ring diamond heirloom upcycle gems


(How do you plan your budget? Design her custom engagement ring with countless diamonds, or save money on the stone and spruce up the band. The choice is up to you.)

There’s nothing worse than when you spot an awesome engagement ring, only to be crushed by an alarming price tag. With standard ‘point-and-buy’s or customized rings, usually the fee stays stagnant with no room for compromise. Though custom design sometimes gets the label as being more expensive, in all actuality it can be more cost efficient. Custom creating with a designer at Abby Sparks Jewelry entails working around your budget while including everything you’re seeking out on a ring. You get to decide what elements of the ring your money goes towards. If you want the center stone to steal the show, save on a lower priced metal. Or, just as well, there are ways to make your diamond appear bigger and brighter without having to shell out too much of your paycheck towards it.

So, it seems you’ve got more control of what you’re spending your money on. If you’d like to simply know how much you should be spending on the engagement ring, read more about it with our blog post here. You’ve got your mind on the money and the money on your mind, so we can help construct an engagement ring that won’t break the bank.


3. Heirloom Pieces Can Finally Be Put to Good Use

Remember when Grandma gave you her old diamond engagement ring for Christmas? Let’s face it, you probably threw it in the back of the top drawer to your dresser. Well, it doesn’t have to go to waste any longer. Old stones and metal can be converted into new engagement ring that matches your love’s aesthetic.

Repurposing jewelry is both an ethical and economical route to take. You’ll save money towards the cost of newstones when you choose to repurpose jewelry. In addition, the gem from the previous family piece means one less rock has to undergo the toll that mining can have on the earth. When you work with Abby Sparks Jewelry, we will  recycle your heirloom jewelry’s metal and give you a metal credit valued towards your custom engagement ring. The custom engagement ring will carry on tradition and an intriguing backstory. Your ring will stun with both its appearance and by such heartfelt meaning, too!

(Not your average hand me down. The Colleen repurposed a one carat heirloom diamond into the center stone, balanced on top of a square, white gold display for a vintage feel. )

Like the Colleen custom engagement ring that repurposed a 1 carat heirloom diamond and recycled metal, we’re happy to make over any jewelry that you bring in. Let’s see what new masterpiece we can create.


4. It’s All Crafted Straight Out of Denver


Honeycomb Flowers, Best Florist in Denver


(Pretty sweet: we heart Denver and hand craft your piece right here in beautiful Colorado.)

Yep, we rep the 303.

Custom designing with Abby Sparks Jewelry supports the local economy  and lets you proudly declare that it was made right here on our soil. Handcrafted in Colorado, you know your girl’s engagement ring is quite literally close to your heart. As we’re conveniently located in the LoHi neighborhood of the Mile High City, an in person consultation is just an easy commute away.

By chance you live out of state or country? No worries! Our custom design process works just as well by phone, Skype, or e-mail. A little distance is no matter!


5. You’ll Have the Most Unforgettable, Top Notch, Mind Blowing Experience of Your Life!

With your wedding day being number one, designing that perfect custom engagement ring might be the second most important event to occur in your life.


Image of the Abby Sparks Jewelry showroom, custom jewelry design studio in Denver, Colorado.


(Join us in our showroom to get started on your custom design experience!)

At Abby Sparks Jewelry, we offer you the best personal design service out there. It’s much more intimate when you go custom. You know how bland the regular routine of engagement ring shopping goes. Research a few jewelers, shuffle into a starkly lit store with the same ol’ salesman tactics, point to something behind the glass, slide a credit card through the machine, walk out with a little black box… The whole same song and dance.

However, custom design is different. Tailored just for you, you’ll never forget what it was like. Our Custom Design Process delivers each person their own kind of experience.You’re fully aware of every design aspect going into your engagement ring from start to finish. You sketch with us, handpick your stones, and monitor the whole process until you’re holding her extraordinary ring right at your fingertips.

Custom engagement ring made with platinum and 14k yellow gold and 1 carat princess cut diamond custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, the Kate.

(Every ring goes through something different before it’s born at Abby Sparks Jewelry. The Kate, above, captures an art deco essence with geometric cut shapes that showcase a 1 carat princess cut diamond alongside accent stones and platinum metal.)

Get deeper insight of what our custom design experience is like with our recent blog post, Custom Made Jewelry: A New Kind of Experience. In our blog, you can read how we give life to jewelry, like we did with The Kate above. Get inspired. We welcome you to it.

Custom design got you convinced? Skip boring mass production and make her something that’s a complete reflection of herself. You’ll gift her exactly everything she’s looking for that stays within proximity of your budget, which also includes an opportunity for repurposing old heirloom jewelry. It all happens right here at Denver’s Abby Sparks Jewelry and the unique design process we’ve got in store. Let’s collaborate! Call 303.957.650 or book an appointment online and we’ll get the ball rolling. You’ve got the vision, and we’re ready to make it reality.

By appointment only!

About Abby Sparks

Abby Sparks is the founder and CEO of Abby Sparks Jewelry.