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Custom Made Jewelry: A New Kind of Experience

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With all of the different personalities and love stories that have walked through the Abby Sparks Jewelry showroom, we could swear our lives are caught up in a storybook sometimes. The characters are varied. We’ve worked with people who are bold and bubbly. Others may have been calm and composed. Some clients hold interests in all things outdoors with mountain biking and fishing, while some are cosmopolitan and praise Princess Diana as their icon. Those after a traditional engagement ring may be more of a classicist. Then there are people drawn to a more modernized aesthetic. People bring in their world everything they’re interested in, and we do our very best to translate their perspective onto custom made jewelry.

When you go the custom route, you’re given a right to celebrate yourself.

Custom engagement ring made with 18k yellow gold, three 0.5 carat center diamonds, 0.31 ctw accent diamonds, and 0.3 ctw accent emeralds, vintage inspired, custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Jacqueline.

(Jewelry should tell your story. The Jacqueline suggests that its owner is someone distinct, regal flair. Made with three 0.5 carat diamond center stones, accent diamonds and emeralds all speckled on 18k yellow gold.)

Everyone goes through a different type experience when they’re looking to create the special piece that they want to rep themselves. Since no one’s spark is the same, then no one’s experience working with Abby Sparks Jewelry) is going to be the same. You never know exactly what’s in store on your custom design ride.


What You CAN Expect

Our custom jewelry designers will  guide each and every one of our clients  through our custom design process – we can guarantee that. It all starts with an initial consultation to plot out your wants and needs for an engagement ring, wedding ring, or other custom jewelry. After sketching and giving a thumbs up on your jewelry design, choosing the stones and metals,  and seeing it brought to life on a 3D model in CAD or mold, your jewelry design will move into production and we’ll work our magic. Before you know it, you’ll be granted one beautiful and extraordinary custom piece.

Sketch of the Jacqueline, 18k yellow gold, three 0.5 carat center diamonds, and 0.31 ctw accent emeralds custom engagement ring made by Abby Sparks Jewelry.Computer-aided design of the Jacqueline, 18k yellow gold, three 0.5 carat center diamonds, 0.31 ctw accent emeralds custom made by Abby Sparks Jewelry.Left side profile and details of the Jacqueline, 18k yellow gold, three 0.5 carat center diamonds, 0.31 ctw accent emeralds custom made by Abby Sparks Jewelry, step 3.

(Our custom design process follows three simple steps. A mapped out sketch, a computerized or mold model, then the real deal created soon after.)


How You’ll Still Stand Out

While each of our clients go through the very basics of our Custom Design Process, we promise we don’t run things like a mass-produced factory. Every person comes in with a different vision, and we tailor all things necessary to it.

All kinds of scenarios occur. Some clients begin a jewelry design straight from scratch while  others bring heirloom jewels for us to repurpose. We’ll have clients who reside in our beloved city of Denver and collaborate with us side-by-side, whereas other people have reached out to us from remote locations. Some people design for a ring to propose to the love of their life while some honor their family or friend with a set of preferences that are out of this world. But no challenge is too big or too extreme. We get the read on what you need and shape it all in accordance to you.


Jewelry That’s One and Only, an Experience That’s One and Only

Want the hard evidence on what we’re talking about? Read on about three incredible samples of custom jewelry, each crafted in junction with a unique backstory of their own.


An Italian Muse: The Joan

(The Joan, a ruby red necklace with a backstory to make your heart flutter. Features rubies and diamonds joint with white gold metal. Also includes a sweet engraving to commemorate family members and an anniversary date. Made exclusively for a client living in Italy.)


Being that our studio is located in Denver, most of our client base is nestled right here in our beloved state of Colorado. However, we do receive business from out of area, and in the digital age of email, Skype, and social media, it’s just as convenient to fashion a stunner for someone at virtually any corner of the world.

Steve contacted us all the way from the exquisite land of Italy, in hopes of marking his 40th wedding anniversary with an unforgettable gift to his wife Joan. Together, the pair have formed between them a loving, persistent relationship that we have nothing but admiration for.

As a symbol for this original kind of love, we teamed up with  Steve to conceptualize a necklace unlike any other. The Joan’s sparkly pendant catches the eye with a cluster of red rubies as vibrant as Steve and Joan’s romance. Three diamond accents crowned on top of the center represent each of the couple’s three children. For an added sentimental touch, we engraved each family member’s’ initials and anniversary date on the back of the pendant.

Just because they were overseas doesn’t mean Steve and The Joan received any less attention from us! Working remotely can be done in a cinch. We’re happy to accommodate anyone, anywhere.


The Cecille, Where Everything Old Becomes New Again

What do you do when your family want to pass down jewelry to you that’s part of tradition, yet you want to add your own little twist to it? Easy! Repurpose that heirloom jewelry.

(Keeping the center diamond and its two main accents, The Cecille was repurposed from an old heirloom ring into a classically platinum beauty.)

That’s exactly what we did with The Cecille engagement ring, which turned out so splendidly! Cecille’s fiancee Adam was gifted his grandmother’s engagement ring as inheritance. The ring was pretty and loaded with diamonds, yet it’s style wasn’t quite Cecille. So, we kept the diamonds with the sentimental value and repurposed  them into a new band and setting. Now that’s eco and wallet friendly!

And lo and behold: Adam dropped down on one knee and opened up a little black box to reveal The Cecille engagement ring. The new design shows off the center stone and diamond accents in a platinum metal, triple bezel display. The aesthetic is a vintage blend; a call upon the antique piece, yet with a facelift that also caters to Cecille’s personal taste.

If repurposing jewelry is a part of your agenda like it was for Adam and Cecille, reconstruct stones and recycle metal into a new and improved ring!!


Time for a Revamp, Courtesy of The Kate

Custom engagement ring made with platinum and 14k yellow gold and 1 carat princess cut diamond custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, the Kate.

(Make over your old engagement ring into a fresh new take on your continuing romance. The Kate, pictured above, repurposed her old princess cut diamond engagement ring into a ring that’s revolutionarily art deco. Features mixed platinum and yellow gold with square bezels and prongs to secure sparkling stones in place.)

We all need a little change from time to time. The Kate engagement ring is a prime example that sometimes a much needed shift can take something that’s good and turn it into something even greater.

Kate decided her old engagement ring no longer had the same zap to it anymore. Over time, she discovered another side to herself in terms of her jewelry style. She began to stray away from the whimsical, floral, girly designs that so often inundate the engagement ring market. Instead, she recognized herself as cool and eclectic. Her new cravings were for mixed metals and an art deco inspired design. Though into modern elements, she still wanted to implement elegance into her new engagement ring. The princess cut diamond and accent stones from her old engagement ring are carried onto the 2.0 version, enclosed in a sturdy bezel to keep the gorgeous gems secure.

The platinum and 14k yellow gold fusion of The Kate is fully laced with all of Kate’s desires. Timelessness is the first thought that comes to mind with this piece, followed by “Wow!” and “Can I have one like that?”

Though your love is eternal, your engagement ring design doesn’t have to be. Fashion changes, as do our interests within it. With our help, you can remodel your ring into one that aligns better to who you’ve become over time.


Let Your Story Be Told

With every person we come in contact with, there’s traits, quirks, likes and dislikes we see that they embrace about themselves. There’s no doubt about it: everybody’s got a spark that totally sets them apart from the rest. We know firsthand it’s true.

Never settle for run-of-the-mill jewelry, and instead join the custom design cult! You’ll be adorned in jewelry that was modeled after you, and you’ll find the experience to be a thousand times more exciting than simply walking into a store and picking a bland, conventional ring or necklace from behind a case.

We’re ready for you to meet your match in jewelry. Call or text us at 303.957.6502, or schedule an appointment online so we can meet your lovely face in person soon. You dream piece is waiting for you!



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