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5 Ways to Get a Bigger Looking Diamond Engagement Ring

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We’re not sure what it is about size with you fellas, but you always seem to be preoccupied with it. And diamonds are no exception. If you’ve found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with and that certain someone happens to love sparkle, you need to get the most you can get out of a diamond. Only thing is, those dazzling rocks can come attached with a price tag that may or may not be friends with your budget. Want a bigger rock for your dollar? We at Abby Sparks Jewelry are the experts at figuring out how to best maximize diamonds.

No matter how you decide to design her custom engagement ring, you can obtain a divine diamond within a reasonable price range. All it takes is a little strategy here on the stone and a little there around the band to attain the most bang for your buck.

Custom engagement ring made with platinum and 1 carat diamond center stone and diamond accents custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Alexa.

(Prepare to make that rock pop. The Alexa: with a 1.00 carat diamond center, 0.29 carat diamond accents, and platinum band, the ring starts at $12,800)

Read our collection of tips on the five ways you can make a diamond engagement ring look bigger!


1. Consider the Cut

Out of the Four C’s of diamonds, you might think of carat when you think about the size for her diamond. While carat does refer to the diamond’s weight – and generally the higher the carat number, the bigger the diamond – it is not the only factor that influences how large a diamond appears.

Cut is just as much a key element as carat. How proportional the diamond is cut, how the diamond is shaped, and how effectively it catches light can make all the difference in stacking up larger in comparison to other diamonds, even if they bear the same carat weight.

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(Fancy cuts like emeralds, pears, and cushions make a diamond look bigger? Cut it out!)

Fancy cut diamonds (princess cuts, emerald cuts, pear cuts) or any other creative shape that isn’t a traditional round stone are the perfect option to rock a unique and impressive ring. Their brilliance doesn’t just stop with facets that can allow for a greater amount of shine. Fancy cuts can cost ¼ less than their round cousins and waste less material. Thus, you can purchase a fancy cut diamond with the same carat weight of a round diamond. It’s very much possible to get a bigger diamond that’s still easier on the wallet.

Custom organic diamond engagement ring made with 14k rose gold, 1.06 carat brilliant cut pear shaped diamond custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Lauren.Custom engagement ring made with 18k rose gold, 4.07 carat diamond solitaire, and 0.61 ctw diamond pave band custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Kristin.

(A cut above the rest. Top: The Lauren, featuring a brilliant pear shaped diamond at 1.06 carats on rose gold metal. Bottom: The Kristin, a rose gold engagement ring with a 4.07 carat cushion cut diamond)

Elongated shapes reign supreme for the most massive of fancy cut diamonds. Princess cuts, marquise cuts, emerald cuts, oval cuts, and cushion cut engagement rings grip onto more weight in their table, making these cuts appear larger than a round diamond. Just admire how the diamond’s presence gets elevated in The Lauren pear cut engagement ring, or through the cushion cut on The Kristin. Need we say any more?


2. Get a Halo for Your Angel

(Maybe this was the halo Beyoncé was singing about. The Julia: mixed platinum and rose gold metal with 1.78 carat heirloom enter diamond)

Don’t just settle for one diamond: instead, make it plural.

Diamonds on diamonds equates to more shine on an engagement ring, and ultimately gives the visual illusion of a bigger stone. This blinged out tactic has emerged extremely popular with the bride-to-be community within the recent years. With a setting of smaller diamonds that encircle the center diamond in a halo, as seen with The Julia above, or are packed alongside the band in a pavé, a la The Nataliya engagement ring shown below, a fleet of diamonds can prove that more really does mean more.

Custom engagement ring made with 18k white gold, 1.6 carat center diamond, and 0.8 ctw side diamond custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Nataliya.

(A band paved with a diamond pavé. The Nataliya: 1.6 carat center, 0.8 carat weight. side stones, all placed upon a white gold band)

Smaller diamonds are less expensive than larger diamonds through and through. Price goes upwards with the carat number, not by the quantity of diamonds on a ring. Thus, two ½ carat diamonds will cost significantly less than a 1 carat diamond because they are less rare.

The options are sky high. Her halo can vary stone sizes. Modifications exist where the halo acts like a bezel and protects the diamond in an cupped circumference. Or it can be suspended so there is space seen in between the center stone and the glory of the halo. Accent stones can glisten next to the main diamond or anywhere else on the band. Just think of these smaller set of diamonds as the sidekick to your main stunner.

For a diamond ring that hooks people’s attention yet ensures you don’t break the bank, go team halo.


3. Make it a Moissanite

What do you get when you cross glitz of a diamond with a stone that’s moderately priced and conflict free? Why, it would be none other than a moissanite stone!

Moissanites are birthed from the stars. Well, ok… meteorites if you want to be technical. Found only in these resources from the tops of volcanoes, natural moissanites are a rare breed to come upon, so instead their likeness has been recreated in labs straight from silicone carbide substances. By this concept, lab-grown moissanites are much cheaper per carat than other diamonds and gemstones, meaning you can purchase yourself a bigger stone.

Check out how it’s done below: we’ve got The Sara with a 1.42 carat lab-grown moissanite, a lab-grown moissanite clocking in at 2 carats on The Laura, and 1.53 carats on the Caroline’s stone.

Ethical custom engagement ring made with platinum, 1.42 carat lab-grown moissanite, and 0.20 ctw diamond melee custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Sara.Ethical custom engagement ring made with 14k yellow gold, 2.00 carat antique cut lab-grown moissanite, and diamond halo custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Laura.

(Like a diamond, but more ethical and economical. The Sara: 1.42 carat lab grown moissanite with platinum metal. The Laura: 2 carat lab grown moissanite on yellow gold. The Caroline: 1.53 carat lab grown moissanite and platinum band)

Side-by-side, lab-grown moissanites and diamonds seem virtually the same, yet a closer glimpse will tell you that lab-grown moissanites contain a different kind of fire and brilliance to their surface. With a different and more detailed faceting pattern, lab-grown moissanites tend to have a higher scintillation, giving off rainbows of color, more than that of a diamond.

To discover more on how the two crystal clear rocks compare, read our previous blog post on everything you need to know about lab grown moissanites.


4. Slim Down

(Slender and wrapped around your finger. The Colleen: vintage appeal featuring a 2 carat diamond with a thin, diamond encrusted white gold band)

When you pair a thick band with a modestly sized diamond, the difference can be fairly noticeable. A mass contrast between the stone and band will work to have onlookers perceive a small diamond even smaller. The Colleen as pictured above is the perfect example of what to do in order to make the most of the diamond’s size on her engagement ring.

A thin band gives an idea that it’s taking all the might of the metal to have a colossal diamond hanging on by a thread (of course, we’re talking metaphors here. The band should still be structurally strong). Chunky metal can overtake a diamond, so hush down the band so the stone can take lead.


5. Keep it Fresh and Clean

It’s probably obvious by now that shine and sparkle has everything to do with how sizable your diamond seems to be. If you didn’t know, now you do!






(To keep your diamond this sparkly, we recommend a good professional cleaning every six months to a year. If you custom design with us, you’re always welcome for a free VIP treatment right in our studio)

If her ring is all gunked up with crud and grime, you could be missing out on the diamond’s awesome full potential. Nonetheless, the solution is simple. Keep up a regular cleaning routine for the engagement ring. We suggest a professional tune up every six months to a year for fine jewelry.

For in between those appointments, buff with a polishing cloth and wash your ring in warm water with non-organic dish soap, gently scrubbing with a soft cloth or old toothbrush. Cleaning the engagement ring will allow for everything on the band and stone to pop out even more.

Want to hear some really good news? If you custom design with Abby Sparks Jewelry, your one-of-a-kind creation comes with a yearly, complimentary deep cleaning service. Just waltz right in with that treasured piece and we’ll do the rest. Contact us here and get set up with your free VIP treatment.

OK then, review time! How can you take that diamond to a DIAMOND? Let’s take it back and count the ways…

Mind the cut and think about a different kind of shape for your diamond. Give your center stone some friends and throw some smaller diamonds around it with a halo. Get a greater sized carat for a cheaper price by selecting a lab-grown moissanite. Opt for a smaller band to have your rock really standing out. And finally, don’t underestimate the power of a good, clean ring.

No need to feel shy of your diamond size any longer.

Now that you know how to beef up a diamond, get to work and design your very own custom diamond engagement ring with us. Learn more about our Custom Design Process and  stop in and have some fun with us. We’re a phone call away at  303.957.6502. Prefer to write? We’re available by email at [email protected]Or book an appointment online with a simple click of a button. That big and beautiful diamond is right at your fingertips.



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