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3 Unexpected Times When You Shouldn’t Wear Your Engagement Ring

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Congrats to all the newly engaged couples out there! Not only have you said yes to spending the rest of your life with your true love, but you’re also the proud new owner of an engagement ring. At Abby Sparks Jewelry, we understand that your engagement ring is a shiny new toy you want to show off to the whole playground, but we’ve got to be the tough parent here and tell you that some activities are just not engagement ring friendly. To help ensure your stunner lasts as long as your marriage, we’ve compiled a list of activities for which you should not wear your engagement ring.

Gym and Gems Don’t Work Out

(Palladium, 1.18 carat aqua sapphire, peridot & blue sapphire accents custom engagement ring made exclusively by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Sierra)

For many engaged couples, it’s common to jump right into wedding planning. One of the most important things to plan for: your wedding bod! That means hitting the gym or participating in other active extracurriculars to ensure that you feel and look good for your big day. Though the gym is a great place to improve your physique, it can take a major toll on your engagement ring. Cardio is engagement ring approved, but anything that involves weights or bars is not advised. In the war of metals, steel always wins. Pressure from steel dumbbells or gripping bars can cause stress on your engagement ring setting, warping and scratching the metal. If you’re participating in active sports, it is also best to take your engagement ring off due to an increased risk in losing stones, harming your ring, or other people. Though we do not advise our clients to wear their engagement rings while working out, we understand that it happens from time to time. For those who are into personal fitness, choose an engagement ring design that is better equipped to handle the strain. Engagement rings with bezel settings, like the Sierra custom engagement ring, are a great option because the stones are set deep in a metal bezel decreasing the likelihood of your stones catching on fabric, and increasing the stability around the stone. Visit our blog to find out what engagement ring design matches your lifestyle, or to see the process of how to create a custom engagement ring, visit our Custom Design Process page.

Don’t Be a Beach to Your Engagement Ring

(Palladium, 1.18 carat aqua sapphire, peridot & blue sapphire accents custom engagement ring made exclusively by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Sherri)

More and more couples are participating in destination engagements and we can totally see why. A beautiful location and a beautiful ring seem to go hand in hand. Whether you’ve just been proposed to on a vacation in Hawaii or simply love the sand and sea, wearing your engagement ring to the beach is ill-advised. Not only is there a risk that your ring could fall off your cold sea-shrunken fingers and get lost in the sand or ocean, but your engagement ring will also accumulate sunscreen residue that clouds your stones and sand that will scratch your metal. After a trip to the beach your ring will need some serious TLC so it’s best to leave it safely at home. Like the Sherri custom engagement ring, the only grain you’ll want to see on your ring is milgrain. At Abby Sparks Jewelry, we provide our clients with a complimentary yearly VIP cleaning treatment for their custom jewelry. To make an appointment for an engagement ring deep clean, give us a call or book an appointment here or to view more milgrain engagement rings like the Sherri, visit our Custom Engagement Rings Page.

Food and Fine Jewelry Is a Recipe for Disastercustom-engagement-ring-yellow-gold-diamond-pink-sapphire-twist-diamond-Tess-1

(18k yellow gold, 1.09 carat diamond; 0.6 ctw pink sapphires; 0.21 ctw diamond melee custom engagement ring made exclusively by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Tess)

You’re at home in your kitchen relaxing and cooking up a nice meal. Your activity level is low and in the safety of your own home there seems little threat to the well-being of your engagement ring so you’re wearing it while stirring that pot of bubbly sauce. Maybe though, you should rethink your sense of comfort in your own kitchen. Consider the fact that our hands do the bulk of work preparing food. From chopping vegetables to seasoning beef to washing dishes, our hands do it all and if you’re wearing your engagement ring so does your ring. Have you noticed that your engagement ring isn’t as sparkly as it once was or that you’re getting an allergic reaction under the band? There’s a good chance that these effects are due to food particles in your engagement ring! It’s amazing what accumulates in your setting and clouds up your stones while cooking. From avocado to table salt, you’re wearing it all on your finger. Food can compromise your engagement ring and so can the pots you prepare it in. Steel pots and pans are the number one culprit for lost stones and damaged bands. You may know your home from top to bottom, but when your diamond falls out you’ll realize just how many cracks and crannies have gone unnoticed. So set your ring in a safe place while you’re cooking and rest assured that it will stay just as sparkly and secure as the day you received it. Have your engagement ring stones lost a little of their luster? Give your gems a tune up so they’re in tip top shape, just like The Tess custom engagement ring! Read our blog: How to Care For Your Diamond Engagement Ring here to clean your ring at home.

Say No if You Don’t Know

(14k rose gold, 1.31 ct diamond center stone, pink and yellow diamonds accents custom engagement ring made exclusively by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Mary)

If you’re debating if you should be wearing your engagement ring during a specific activity, we’d say you probably shouldn’t be wearing your ring during said activity. It is better to part with your beloved ring for a few hours or even a day, rather than feel the heartbreak of a damaged setting or lost stones. Imagine how devastating it would be to part with an engagement ring as beautiful and delicate as The Mary custom engagement ring. When is the best time to wear your engagement ring? We suggest low level activities such as shopping, at your office job, out for dinner, or at a friend’s dinner party. Remember, it is better to veer on the safe side when it comes to the ring you plan to have for a lifetime.

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