How to Care for Your Diamond Engagement Ring
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How to Care for Your Diamond Engagement Ring

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We want your diamond engagement ring to be as beautiful as the day you got it! Regular cleanings and polishing are important to keep it sparkling while annual cleaning, stone inspections, and necessary repairs will help it last forever. Follow these jewelry cleaning care tips to keep your custom engagement ring dazzling for generations to come.

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Regular Cleaning

When cleaning your diamond custom engagement ring at home, most jewelry is best cleaned using a soft cloth or very worn old toothbrush, anti-grease dish soap, and warm water. We’ve found non-organic soaps like Dawn or Palmolive works best. Place your ring in a cup full of warm water and a few drops of liquid soap. Let it sit for a few minutes and dry with an old T-shirt or other piece of soft clothing. You can wash your custom jewelry piece everyday or just when you feel like you need to add some extra sparkle.

Polishing your Custom Engagement Ring

Use the polishing cloth that has been provided by Abby Sparks Jewelry to polish your metal and get fingerprints off your diamonds. Do not use a polishing cloth on our matte jewelry, as it will ruin the finish. We also do not recommend the use of harsh brushes, solvents, or any other abrasive cleaning methods. When it comes to ultrasonic cleaners, leave it to the professionals, especially when it comes to cleaning jewelry that contains gemstones, as it can damage the stones. 


Jewelry Inspection – Loose Stones

For all Abby Sparks jewelry that contains gemstones or diamonds set in precious metal, we recommend that you have it inspected and cleaned once a year with ASJ’s complimentary VIP treatment  to ensure that no stones are loose from normal wearing habits. Without routine inspection, stones become loose in their settings over time and can fall out. With proper care, you can avoid replacing stones and keep your jewelry in superb condition for future generations.

Annual Cleaning

Your Abby Sparks custom piece qualifies for complimentary VIP treatments once a year.  We prefer to take care of your piece for its lifetime to ensure its best care so ASJ designates spa weeks each quarter when clients have the opportunity to send in jewelry for treatment. Be sure to sign up for our email newsletter to receive notifications for spa week dates.  If you live outside the Denver Metro area, contact us for shipping instructions.


We are happy to make repairs at any point in the lifetime of your Abby Sparks original jewelry piece. We stand behind the quality and integrity of all ASJ pieces.  In the unlikely case that your jewelry is broken, email us at for instructions and a repair form. Reference our shipping section for instructions on how to safely get your piece to our care.

For more information on how to care for your diamond engagement ring, email us at or call us at 303.957.6502.


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