The Best Engagement Ring Designs for Your Lifestyle
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The Best Engagement Ring Designs for Your Lifestyle

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What kind of lifestyle do you live? Are you the adventurous mountain type or the powerful working woman? Maybe you’re the woman who has a serious eye for fashion? Whatever type of woman you are, create an engagement ring that reflects who you are and the lifestyle that you live. Not only does that mean paying attention to color and detail, but also durability and functionality. Don’t get stressed, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of ring styles for women and the best engagement ring designs for each!

The Mountain Woman

If you’re a mountain babe, make sure your engagement ring reflects your love for the outdoors. As an active hiker that enjoys being on the move, you probably love the rustic look that goes with active wear. Create an engagement ring with rustic, muted, and earthy tones so even in your everyday hiking clothes, you’ll look one with nature. As someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, you know how important utilitarianism and functionality is. You’ll love an engagement ring that is durable and practical. Create an engagement ring made in platinum! Platinum is the most durable type of precious metal and will scratch less easily than other metals. Bezel settings, flush settings, and other designs where your gemstones are deep set will minimize the likelihood of catching your ring on things. The Wendy is the perfect example of a ring made for a mountain woman. This bezel design has a deep set diamond center stone and a shimmering halo of diamonds, not to mention extra bling in the flush band. This ring looks great and is practical.


(Platinum and diamond custom engagement ring exclusively made by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Wendy)

The Sporty Athletic Woman

If you love the feeling of a high intensity workout or you participate in a contact sport, then your engagement ring should showcase your determined personality. If you’re a sporty athletic woman, you may not identify as a super girly chic. Forget dainty bands and sparkling diamonds. Create something out of the ordinary! If you have a bold personality and like to be different, opt for colored gemstones and thicker, yet intricate bands! Not only are colored gemstones beautiful and fun, but they will set you apart from the crowd. As an active woman, not only does your ring have to be beautiful, but it also has to withstand a lot of stress. Choose thicker bands over thin because they are sturdier and more stable and bezel settings to hold your gems more securely in place. Create a custom engagement ring like the Chloe. The brown center diamond makes a bold statement while the bezel setting puts your mind at ease knowing your gems are more secure.


(Platinum and 2.2 carat cushion cut red center diamond custom engagement ring made exclusively by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Chloe)

The Overachiever

If you’re a high powered career woman, chances are you’re a total Girl Boss. You’re a woman who loves being in charge and is representing women everywhere. You love perfect details, uniformity, and crisp, clean lines so why not choose an engagement ring that is just that! Create an engagement ring like the Meghan. A prong setting will give you a uniform design perfect for those who like structure and are detail oriented. Though a delicate prong setting will not work for every lifestyle, it is ideal for those who work in an office setting or are only participating in low impact activities. Another great thing about having prongs is the stunning gems it holds! Don’t be afraid of having too many diamonds. Embrace your girl power and dazzle your colleagues with your amazing work ethic and your engagement ring.


(Yellow gold and 1.40 carat diamond custom engagement ring exclusively made by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Meghan)

The Artist

If you’re an artist or simply love design and colors, create a custom engagement ring that speaks to your creative side. Straight lines, muted colors, and uniform design is not your thing. You love organic shapes, bold colors, and pulling inspiration from the natural world. It’s okay to think outside of the box with your engagement ring. It’s yours and should represent who you are and everything you like. Explore all kinds of settings and designs till you find something that speaks to you. Create an engagement ring like the Amye. Made in 14k yellow gold with diamond, citrine melee, and rhodolite garnets, this ring is bold and contrastingly beautiful. The organic shape of a pear shaped diamond surrounded by a citrine melee halo is a sparkling masterpiece, not to mention the unique band design studded with garnets. This custom engagement ring is a work of art.

(14k yellow gold, diamond, citrine, and rhodolite garnet custom engagement ring exclusively made by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Amye)

The Woman Who Has Everything

It’s the age old question: what do you get a woman who has everything? The answer is to go bigger and better. If you’re a woman who lives for shopping and has a serious eye for fashion, you probably have multiple pieces of jewelry. From bezel to pave setting and sapphires to emeralds, you own all the combinations. So what do you create for your engagement ring that will top all of them? Go crazy and outrageous for your engagement ring! You only get one so make it more dazzling and beautiful than all the others. Create a custom engagement ring like the Kristin. Don’t mess around when it comes to the size of your center stone. No halo necessary, this 4 carat diamond is stealing the show in a solitaire design. Don’t forget to add glam to the band. Ever inch of the band on the Kristin welcomes diamonds. So don’t get shy when it comes to your engagement ring. We can guarantee you, if you’re a woman who has everything, you don’t have this much of it!

(18k rose gold and 4.07 carat diamond custom engagement ring exclusively made by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Kristin)

The Multitasking Mother

Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a working mom, you’ve perfected the art of multitasking. Somehow your workload and daily diaper changes all get finished. Don’t let your engagement ring get in the way. Create an engagement ring like the Caroline. If you’re afraid of knocking your ring around while doing chores, a platinum ring is the way to go when durability is a huge factor. For extra stability while playing with your child, choose a thick band over thin. Avoid prongs which can easily get snagged and scratch yourself or your loved ones. Bezel settings with deep set stones, like the Caroline, are the perfect design for any mom who works with their hands constantly and one who wants to minimize the likelihood of their engagement ring getting damaged or losing stones. But you don’t have to sacrifice looks for functionality! The Caroline is a stunning engagement ring with more than enough sparkle with a 1.53 carat lab grown moissanite and diamond melee on the band.

(Platinum and 1.53 carat lab-grown moissanite custom engagement ring exclusively made by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Caroline)

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