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The Men’s Guide to Designing a Custom Engagement Ring

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So you’ve finally found the perfect woman who matches up with everything you’ve been endlessly searching for in a partner. Congratulations friend, that is no easy task! The hunt is over. Now you’re carefully plotting the next step to lock her in as your missus. It’s a calculated move involving a shiny little thing that makes a future with the lady possible: buying an engagement ring.

But it can’t just be any typical engagement ring. Certainly not one that you could find inside the counter at a big box retailer. Oh no. You’re a thoughtful guy after all, and you want to give your lady a gorgeous ring that’s as equally special as her. Well, you’re in luck! Consider Abby Sparks Jewelry as your personal jewelry designer, here to create an engagement ring the two of you are dreaming up. Using our Custom Design Process, the ASJ team will help you develop a custom engagement ring design that will completely and utterly fit your bride-to-be to a T.

(Forego boring, mass produced engagement rings and create a one-of-a-kind, unique jewelry design for your sweetie).

Sound a little daunting? Need a better idea of what the whole process looks like? Unsure where to even begin? Don’t fret – we’ve got your back.

Introducing your step-by-step guide to creating a unique engagement ring design with Denver’s very own Abby Sparks Jewelry.

1. Study up!

The more you can tell us about your girl and her personal style, the better we can construct a ring that embodies exactly who she is. There’s a good chance she has dropped hints about what kinds of features she likes to see on a ring… Except she was telling you while the game was on and whatever she said went in one ear and out the other. (It’s okay, we aren’t judging). There’s still hope. It’s time to play detective and do your research! First, visit our field guide to buying the right engagement ring to familiarize yourself with all the bizarre style terminology we’re about to hit you with. Then, when trying to figure out what she wants, here are some questions to keep in mind:

  • Does she feen for the classic glamour of a diamond stone setting? Or is she nonconventional, and a colored gem or birthstone would better suit her colorful personality?
  • What color of metal is she drawn to: yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum?
  • What kind of lifestyle does she lead? Is she an active hiker or a stay at home mom? Depending on her activity level, she may need an engagement ring that can keep up. Visit our blog to find out what engagement ring design links up with her lifestyle.
  • What’s her ring size? (Hint: Typically, it’s close to what her height is. But if you still can’t find it out, we can always size it accordingly after production.)

(An engagement ring design fit for a queen. What style do you picture on her? The Alissa custom engagement ring’s charming, romantic appeal, left, or the originality of two-tone metals paired with an emerald gem, like that of The Carmen on the right?)

Enlist assistance from her friends and family, stalk her Pinterest page, or observe the type of jewelry she wears out of her own collection if you’re coming up short on answers. For more ideas, check out our Custom Engagement Ring page  for some past Abby Sparks custom designs that may bring clarity in the kind of ring the two of you are seeking. When you come in for your appointment, it would be helpful us to see some pictures of your beauty, her inspiration via social media, and what her interests are. We’re pretty intuitive when it comes to crafting a forever ring that we know she’ll adore based on a glance of her profiles!

Note: If you feel it is best to leave the engagement ring design up to her, you can absolutely go the route of fashioning a ring together with ASJ! You can have the best of both worlds by still surprising her all while letting her take the wheel on designing an engagement ring. To learn more about this approach by using a Loaner Ring, skip over to step number three below.


 2. Dig through your family inventory.

What better way to add extra value to a ring than with something interlaced with evocative family history? A lot of people these days have a small supply of heirlooms stowed away somewhere in their household. If this might be a possibility, investigate with your (future) in-laws and your immediate family. Repurposing jewelry is one of our specialties. Hand off your old family stone and we’ll transform it into a new, fresh piece to rock. Have heirloom jewelry? We’ll recycle the old metal as credit towards your engagement ring. Efficient and environmentally sustainable! Incorporating seasoned gems into the ring for the apple of your eye will boost the sentiment level from 99 to 100.

No diamonds or gemstones? No problem! We’ll source a stone for you, and you can think of it as the trailblazer for your future tradition about to unfold.


3. Guesstimate your timeline.

Map out in advance a proposal timeline of when you expect to pop the question. Be aware that creating a custom engagement ring using our Custom Design Process can take about 5-8 weeks to be completed, so plan accordingly. If you have a set date, know you’ll be getting down on one knee on your upcoming lavish vacation, or your schedule is tight and right at the 4-6 week mark, let us know right away and we will work hard to meet your deadline.

Maybe you don’t know what she wants or want her involved in creating her dream ring. Maybe your ring is in production but you can’t wait any longer to make your true love your forever love. Or maybe you have the perfect proposal and set date planned and 5-8 weeks won’t cut it. We recommend proposing with the Loaner Ring!

By proposing with the Loaner Ring, you get to keep the element of surprise while she gets an engagement ring made just for her! The Loaner Ring serves as a symbol of your love she can wear on her finger while waiting for the official ring to come and take up residence. Talk about a unique proposal! For more information and the how-to’s on purchasing, take a peek at the Loaner Ring page here.


4. Get booked.

The logistics for your vision are now cooking, so that means it’s time to get down to business and meet one-on-one with us! Simply call 303.957.6502 or book an appointment online. Together, we’ll sit down and guide you through our interactive and certified Abby Sparks Jewelry Custom Design Process.

It’s as easy as one-two-three: (1) We sketch up designs that coordinate with her desires. (2) Once we source your stone or receive your heirloom ones, we build a CAD (computer-aided design) or hand carve a wax mold to showcase every precise detail. (3) Before long, the final product will be in your grasp, ready to be boxed up and later unleashed to twinkle on her left hand indefinitely.

(See for yourself how the white gold Emily custom engagement ring came to life as a hand crafted, nature inspired engagement ring by way of our three-step Custom Design Process, including a 1. a sketch, 2. a wax mold model, and 3. the finalized product).

There’s no way she can say ‘no’ to a ring that has your own signature touch on it!


5. Stand by!

Ahh, the hardest part: playing the waiting game. Here’s where you really get to hone in on your skills of practicing patience. Again, as a reminder, mark your calendar for 5-8 short weeks before you receive the engagement ring. We’ll update you as we go.

Let’s recap: gather up some basic background information on your girl, spit it to us, and we’ll work hard to supply you the most beautiful engagement ring that encapsulates your unique love story. Sound like a game plan? There’s no time to waste now! Put yourself on the books with an initial consultation at Abby Sparks Jewelry!

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