How to Propose with Her Dream Engagement Ring: The Loaner Ring
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How to Propose with Her Dream Engagement Ring: The Loaner Ring

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Are you feeling pressure to get engaged? Don’t know what she wants and getting stressed that you’ll choose the wrong ring? Looking for a unique proposal that will let you preserve the element of surprise while she gets her dream engagement ring? We’ve got the answer… Propose with The Loaner Ring!

Why You Need the Loaner Ring

Choosing the perfect ring can be stressful and feel near impossible, but waiting the 6-8 weeks to create a custom engagement ring with our Custom Design Process might not be in the cards if you’re feeling the pressure to pop the question now. Maybe you’ve already started creating her engagement ring with us but you want to propose tonight or for an upcoming event. Trust us and our womanly instinct when we say proposing without an engagement ring is not good engagement etiquette. Even if she tells you otherwise, deep down she’ll probably feel disappointed without a ring on her finger. There’s no reason to propose with the wrong ring either. Her engagement ring will stay with her for a lifetime. It symbolizes your love for her, so we know you want to get it right. So what do you do, you ask? Propose with our Loaner Ring! This placeholder ring lets you enjoy the fun of proposing and be sure she won’t be disappointed in the ring because she’ll be able to create it herself! Talk about a unique proposal!

How does the Loaner Ring Program work?

When you purchase the Loaner Ring Package, you will receive a temporary ring that you’ll be able to propose with. The price you pay for the package will go into the cost of your final custom piece. Along with the ring comes everything you need to give your proposal a special touch including; a petit bottle of Prosecco, two champagne flutes, and rhinestone confetti! For all the questions that come after she says yes, you’ll also receive an informational card explaining next steps. Whether you’re coming in together to start our Custom Design Process or already started and are waiting for the ring to be completed, she can keep the Loaner Ring to wear and cherish and return it only when her true custom engagement ring is completely finished.

Starting the Custom Design Process

When you purchase the Loaner Ring, you are also purchasing a one-of-a-kind custom jewelry experience. At Abby Sparks Jewelry, we work one-on-one with our clients to create jewelry that matches their style, values, and lifestyle. We will work closely with you through our Custom Design Process and at the end, you’ll receive a unique piece that is 100% meant for its wearer.

Once you have proposed with the Loaner Ring, the next step is to book an initial consultation to start our Custom Design Process. During this meeting, you and your new fiancee will come in and talk to your own personal custom designer about what her dream engagement ring looks like. We’ll talk stones, metals, style, and everything in between until we’ve got a firm idea of what she wants. After this meeting we will start sketching up designs and create a design document for you both to review. As a part of our process, we also offer a unique stone sourcing opportunity where you have the opportunity to experience your favorite stones in our showroom and choose the perfect one for your custom piece. Once we’ve finalized your design and your stones, we move onto producing your piece. Depending on the style, we will either grow a wax mold or create a computer-aided design (CAD). While she’s waiting for her ring to be completed she can keep her Loaner Ring to wear as a placement ring. After a few weeks, her custom engagement ring will be finished and she will return the Loaner Ring.
Proposing should be a fun experience. You are asking the love of your life to be with you forever, so enjoy it! Keep the surprise and leave out the stress of engagement ring shopping and choosing the wrong ring. With the Loaner ring, she’ll get her dream engagement ring and you’ll get all the credit for a unique proposal.
For more information or to purchase the Loaner Ring Package visit our Loaner Ring page. Get inspiration for her custom engagement ring here or get started on our Custom Design Process, by booking an initial consultation online or by calling us at 303.957.6502.

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