Should You Propose Around the Holidays?
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Should You Propose Around the Holidays?

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‘Tis the season – not just for the holidays, but for holiday proposals as well. In previous years, you may have noticed an uptick in pictures of couples announcing their engagement between November and January. This festive season evokes all kinds of romantic and sentimental feelings and as a result, thousands of people across the country pop the question during this time. In fact, wedding experts found that Christmas, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day are the most popular engagement days (in that order). But there are some people that believe a Christmas proposal or New Year’s Eve engagement can be cliché or too expected. As engagement ring designers (and therefore holiday engagement experts) we’re sharing what we’ve learned from clients that opt for holiday engagements (which is about 40% of them), and what you should consider before proposing in front of family, around the Christmas tree, or under the mistletoe.


Proposing in Front of Family


(A perfect mountain-backdrop holiday proposal the The Beth, a round diamond knife edge pave engagement ring,).


Make the Proposal Personal

There are great Christmas gifts and then there are unforgettable Christmas gifts. No matter when you propose, it’s guaranteed that your fiancée will want to show the ring to EVERYONE, including her family. If she has a super tight-knit family or only gets the chance to see them during the holidays, this may be the best time for you to propose. You’ll both get to share the special moment with your loved ones while everyone is in the same place. It’s like a built-in engagement party! However, it’s important to remember that you need to propose to her either before you see your families, or soon after you’re with them. This way she can get the most time showcasing her finger’s sparkly new addition.

No matter what time of year you decide to propose, make sure you tailor the moment to your partner’s personality and needs. Would she rather get engaged in private or will she enjoy being surrounded by family and friends during the big moment? Will she appreciate or resent the traditional aspect of a holiday proposal? Once you’ve thought this through, make sure to carve out a little time in the day where you two can simply enjoy the moment together. Whether that means stepping away from the Christmas dinner table post-question, or getting an intimate drink together before going to your friend’s holiday party. The holidays are notoriously hectic and you’ll want to soak in your engagement day as much as you can- because it’s really just about you two.

twig and leaf engagement ring

(Any proposal is made that much more romantic during the holidays. This one features The Kristen Elise, a white gold and moissanite twig and lead engagement ring).


Capture the Moment

Amidst family and holiday mayhem, it can be hard to remember to take pictures. Take our wour word for it, you and your partner will both want your proposal to be captured. On your end, it may be a good idea to have a family member ready to snap the photo when you get on one knee. Or if you’d rather the proposal be a total surprise for everyone or have the moment be just you two, hire a professional! The celebratory photos will make it easier to remember and cherish the special occasion years from now.

If you’re considering asking the big question in the near future, the approaching holiday season may be the ideal time to propose. But here’s the catch: the centerpiece of the moment, the ring, takes a lot of consideration, planning, and research. This whole process can end up taking months. We create custom engagement rings in 5-8 weeks from start to finish, which can end up saving you time searching for the perfect ring. But even the custom process requires you to start planning well before Christmas even. So if this is the holiday season you know you’ll be down on one knee, you may want to start looking for the ring as soon as possible.


(This couple nails the proposal pic with The Meri nature inspired engagement ring).


There is debate over whether an engagement ring gets you off the hook for buying your significant other a Christmas present. The answer is complicated. Most people would agree that it largely depends on the couple and current circumstances. But trust us, another thoughtful gift under the tree – no matter how small – will add an extra touch of romanticism. Just be mindful that if you’re planning to propose on Christmas morning and something else gets in the way (hey, holidays and family are hectic!) then it’s not a bad idea to have a backup so she doesn’t think you forgot about her.


What if I Plan to Propose on Vacation?

If you are taking any kind of plane, train, or bus to get to your holiday destination, do NOT keep the engagement ring in your carry-on or checked bag. Make sure to have it on your person and carefully zippered away in a pocket. If you know you’re traveling with the ring, it is especially important to make sure to have it insured before you head off. An engagement ring is a big investment and it would be tragic to lose the ring, especially before the proposal even happens.


What if I Don’t have the ring yet?

round diamond knife edge pave engagement ring

(This beautiful winter wonderland proposal features a round diamond knife edge pave engagement ring, The Beth).


It’s no secret that the holidays are crazy. If you can’t find a ring in time for your holiday proposal, that doesn’t mean you have to propose without one. Go for the loaner ring. The loaner ring allows you to propose with a sparkly stand-in while you nail her dream engagement ring. This is also a perfect option if you’d rather  let her take the reins on choosing the design for her ring. It’s a win-win.

Whether you decide to propose in front of the Christmas tree, ringing in the new year, or aprés-ski this engagement season, the question will require planning and consideration. Make your holidays merrier and be thoughtful about what you believe your partner ideally imagines for the magic moment. Your proposal, over anything, is about you two and the life you hope to share together.

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