Custom Engagement Rings: Why You Should Work With a Custom Jewelry Designer
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Custom Engagement Rings: Why You Should Work With a Custom Jewelry Designer

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Deciding to get engaged is pretty intuitive: when you know, you know.  Deciding what kind of engagement ring to propose with is another story. Suddenly, you have to be knowledgeable about fine jewelry to make sure you’re not only getting a good deal, but you’re also getting something high quality and durable enough to last a lifetime. Instead of trying to cram on the internet and absorb the wisdom of all the men in your circle who have taken the plunge first, why not hire an expert? A custom jewelry designer who can work with you to make a custom engagement ring that’s exactly to your specifications.



A custom jewelry designer will sketch up options for you to choose from. Above: The Kimi custom engagement ring by Abby Sparks Jewelry.


Think about it: you bring in the professionals for all other major expenses in your life. You wouldn’t remodel your home without a contractor, or make a major car repair without a mechanic, nor would you attempt to perform surgery on yourself armed with WebMD. So why would you make one of the biggest purchases of your life without an expert by your side? As a Denver custom jewelry designer who specializes in custom engagement rings, we’ll give it to you straight about why you should think about going custom.


Custom Jewelry Means You Can Get Exactly What You Want



An Abby Sparks Jewelry custom rough diamond engagement ring with sketch, The Hannah.


Let’s face it. It’s rare that you find a pre-made engagement ring that ticks every single box on her list. If you’re lucky enough to have access to her Pinterest board, it’s likely that there are dozens of rings with little in common. What this means is that she likes a certain aspect of each ring; she likes the shape of the stone on some of the rings, the metal color on others, and the setting on the rest. A lot of men come to us with this exact situation: they have a laundry list of what she likes, and they can’t find everything in one ring. When you work with a custom jewelry designer, you can combine all of her favorite elements into one perfect engagement ring.


…And Leave Out What You Don’t Want




The Liz sapphire engagement ring with ethically sourced stones, made by Abby Sparks Jewelry.


When it comes to jewelry, most women have fixed preferences. Typically women are either ride-or-die for white gold OR yellow gold–rarely both. And then you have the outliers who love rose gold. Women also have strong opinions on diamonds in their engagement rings: either they’ll accept nothing less…or they want nothing to do with them. The great thing about designing a custom engagement ring is that you get to choose what you want without making any concessions. Example: she absolutely wants a non-diamond engagement ring, but you find a ring with everything else on her list that happens to have a few diamonds in the band. A custom jewelry designer has the knowledge and access to work around her non-negotiables. If she has sensitive skin, a custom jeweler can set your stones is hypoallergenic platinum or palladium. If she wants a very specific shape and size of diamond, we have the resources to make that happen too.


Jewelry Designers We Know What Women Want




Grey diamond and sapphire custom engagement ring by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Maria.


Sometimes men come to our studio with little to no idea of what their girlfriend wants. Other times, men think they know what their girlfriend wants, or what her style is, and it quickly becomes apparent that they’re way off. When you work with a custom jewelry designer like Abby Sparks Jewelry, we know how to find the consistent elements in all of the rings she’s pinned to her Pinterest board. We’re experts at decoding her style and figuring out her vibe based off of a few pictures of her, her clothes, and the jewelry she’s currently wearing. We also live in the engagement ring world 24/7, so we know what women like, what works, what’s popular, and what is timeless. Learn from our experience!


You Don’t Have to Stress About Quality




The Suzy diamond engagement ring before setting stones and finishing.


We’ve all made online purchases that don’t match our expectations, no matter how many reviews you’ve read. While this isn’t the end of the world for a suspiciously inexpensive impulse buy, it’s not smart for the most meaningful piece of jewelry you’ll ever purchase. An engagement ring is supposed to be worn every day for eternity, it needs to last forever. And once you buy a ring, if it breaks or falls apart, you’ll rarely be able to return it. Metal bands can bend and stones can become loose and fall out. For well-made rings, this is rare. For custom-made engagement rings, you’ve got a professional who has engineered the ring to be durable. From metal choice, to stone choice and setting, we build your ring in a very specific way so that it can withstand long term wear. That also means we will straight up tell you “no” if we know what she wants isn’t going to last. We also guarantee our work and take care of it for a lifetime.


You Can Be Confident in Your Stone’s Origins




Blue topaz loose stone with sketches by Abby Sparks Jewelry.


It happens all the time. We get a guy in the studio who swears he’s found a beautiful diamond at a very inexpensive price…online. From bogus conspiracy theories to photoshopped images, you can find ANYTHING on the internet, and yes this extends to the stones used in jewelry. When you design an engagement ring with a custom fine jewelry designer, you know exactly where your stones are coming from and what they are. At the most basic level, this guarantees that you’re getting a real stone instead of an imitation, quartz, or even glass. On a deeper level, for some couples it’s a priority to source stones from the United States, or to guarantee a diamond is ethical, or to make sure a stone is lab grown instead of mined. At our studio, we not only use stones from reputable sources, we show you multiple stones that you get to see and touch in person.


Custom Jewelry Designers Work With Heirloom Stones




The Julie was made by repurposing our client’s own 6.8 carat sapphire.


So what if you already have your own stone? We can work with that, too. This is called repurposed jewelry, and it’s something that we specialize in at Abby Sparks Jewelry. Sometimes men come to us with a diamond they inherited, or a stone they purchased themselves. Other times men are given an antique necklace, bracelet, earrings or ring that contain diamonds they can use for an engagement ring. In any case, your only choice is to make a custom engagement ring from scratch built around the stone. This is a great option if you’ve inherited a family member’s engagement ring but you want to update it to be a more modern style.


Getting a custom engagement ring is not for someone who goes along with the status quo, nor is working with a custom jewelry designer the norm, so it can seem intimidating if you’re looking into going this route. Usually couples who come to us for bespoke rings are looking for something different: a ring that no one else will have, a totally original design, and something that incorporates personal details that they can’t get anywhere else. If you’re interested in custom jewelry design, give us a call.

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