Our RiNo Custom Jewelry Design Studio is Almost Ready!
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Our RiNo Custom Jewelry Design Studio is Almost Ready!

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“Even castles in the sky can do with a fresh coat of paint.”
-Haruki Murakami


(Fresh paint job and lighting hung in the new Abby Sparks Jewelry custom design studio in RiNo.)

Am I saying that our new RiNo studio is a castle in the sky?

I mean…I’m not NOT saying that. Have you seen our gorgeous view of Denver’s skyline?


(View from Abby Sparks Jewelry rooftop patio; we share the deck space with The Denver Central Market’s urban roof garden.)

With about two weeks left until we pack up our jewels and move into our castle in the sky loft studio in RiNo, it’s hard not to feel antsy to get into our new home ASAP, especially as Denver’s sunsets have been particularly epic as of late, and we’re about to have permanent access to this amazing view (not to mention all of the insanely amazing food, drink, and art that we’ll be surrounded by on all sides.)


(Day vs Night during Abby Sparks Jewelry RiNo remodel.)

If you’ve ever come into our current/almost-former super comfy, cozy little LoHi studio…I think you totally understand our barely containable excitement for the upgrade in space.

LoHi location? Awesome. LoHi neighbors? The best. LoHi studio square footage? …”Intimate.”

Which has actually been pretty awesome and in alignment with meeting one-on-one with clients to design super personal and meaningful jewelry, but as we get down to the two week mark, it’s okay to say that we are LIVING for this move.

(The lights are on but nobody’s home. Yet.)

So the nitty gritty with the next two weeks: yes, we will absolutely stay open during the move, and you’ll know exactly where to find us. No, you can’t scoop up our LoHi studio (this is Denver and it was obviously claimed a lifetime ago). For everything else…stay tuned to our instagram stories and this here blog.



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