Our Last Days in LoHi
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Our Last Days in LoHi

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We’re about three weeks away from moving into our new RiNo design studio, and we…cannot…wait.

(Abby Sparks Jewelry walk up entrance for new RiNo custom jewelry studio.)

We’ve been working on a complete overhaul of our new studio (thank you Danielle at StudioD!!!) And we’re finally nearing the home stretch. The bones of our studio are in place. The lighting design has been installed for maximum sparkle, and shit is getting REAL.

(Under construction. Abby Sparks Jewelry new RiNo loft studio.)

(This is how chandeliers are born.)

Yes, leaving our comfy studio in LoHi is bittersweet, it’s like moving from a first apartment. We’re comfortable here. We have our favorite places and familiar rituals: our trusty kombucha taproom we’re convinced can cure anything, the coffee shop for interviews and emergency 3PM pick-me-ups, the two lunch spots we obsessively order from over and over again.

(Hello Neighbors. Our soon-to-be best friends at 1320 27th Street in RiNo.)

We’ve also made amazing memories with our clients in our LoHi studio: helping them work towards a ring that’s going to be with them for the rest of their lives, talking with them about what makes their relationship and their partner so unique, their hope for the future, the nerves over proposing…and then seeing them come back in for wedding bands, dreaming of their wedding.

There’s a lot of good vibes and energy in this place, and we plan to bring it with us. We’ll have even more room and possibility for magic in the new studio, and we’ve designed the new space to match that leap-of-faith feeling of deciding to spend the rest of your life with your person.

(Abby on the new Abby Sparks Jewelry RiNo studio rooftop.)

Change is good, and necessary. We’ve been lucky to offer a service that resonates with our community here in Denver. Their support has made it possible to grow our ASJ team, and to keep getting the chance to work with more and more badass Denver couples! Stay tuned for next week’s post with the progress on the space, and we can’t wait to see you soon in RiNo!

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