RiNo Studio: Adding Magic to Our New Space
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RiNo Studio: Adding Magic to Our New Space

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It’s November, people!! That means we’ve made it into the actual month of our move. We can no longer say that it’s happening “in the fall”, or “next month”. It’s happening…for real…really soon! We’re talking three weeks!

(RiNo, take me away!)

In our previous posts, we’ve showed you a lot of the behind the scenes of our remodel: the construction, the chaos. We’ve also touched on our hopes for the new design studio and the magic we want to cultivate in the space. As we finally enter the month of the move, we want to share some of the ways we’re creating the space with intentionality, choosing specific pieces and features with a focus on the love that goes into making custom engagement rings and meaningful jewelry.

Moroccan Wedding Blankets

Moroccan wedding blankets, or handira are woven blankets made from sheep’s wool by Berber women in the Middle Atlas mountains of Northern Morocco. Made with hundreds of mirrored sequins, the wedding blanket is traditionally woven by a bride-to-be and her female relatives. Because of the complexity, size, and detail, the blanket takes weeks to create and it is during this time that the bride’s relatives share marriage advice and wisdom. For Berbers, the process of hand-weaving is said to endow the wedding blanket with blessings. Immediately after the wedding, the bride wears the blanket as a cape to keep her safe and warm during her trip to her new home. Afterwards, it serves as a token of good luck, meant to ward off evil and to bless the new couple with fertility.

We have chosen to hang a Moroccan Wedding Blanket in our new studio as a reminder of the love and community that goes into weddings and to honor the amazing relationships we get to be a small part of when we help couples design an engagement ring.

(Close up on sequin detail on a Moroccan Wedding Blanket.)

More of our Favorite Pieces…

Super luxe, ultra comfy, and modern chairs for client meetings.

Industrial-cool chandeliers for our conference table play up the grittiness of the loft space.

Capturing the spark with custom-made diamond wallpaper.

We’ll be revealing more of our magical space as we get close to the big move, so stay tuned.
We also want to share this handy map so you can come find us when we leave LoHi!


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