Nature Inspired Engagement Rings
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Nature Inspired Engagement Rings

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Engagement rings that are inspired by nature elementals are some of the most requested design inspirations we see here at Abby Sparks Jewelry. More and more people are wanting their rings to have more symbolic or literal shapes and colors that are seen in nature itself. Some people want a more organic, rustic look to their nature-inspired engagement ring and yet others want more sophistication with design aspects that are more refined, polished, and nuanced. 

Common nature elements requested in engagement ring designs:

  • Branches
  • Tree bark
  • Leaves
  • Flower petals
  • Mountain ranges
  • Sunrays
  • Oceans

Whether you are a person that wants bark-inspired texture on your wedding band or someone who wants marquise shapes that look like flower petals to cover the top in a spray of halo expression, we have a little of everything here for the eyes to marvel at. 

Whether you want an engagement ring inspired by the forest, the beach, the garden, or the sky, we’ve rounded up our favorite styles of rings so that you can find the best nature engagement ring inspiration for your own one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

Nature-Inspired Engagement Ring Designs

Please note that each and every piece by Abby Sparks Jewelry is custom, the below rings are not for sale but rather designed with and for each client. See something you love? Reach out and we can help make your dream ring come to life!

Mossy Greens & Ocean Blues

The Dana Nature Inspired Cluster Engagement Ring designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry

The Dana Nature-Inspired Cluster Engagement Ring


If you want an engagement ring that has mossy greens and ocean blues, a whimsical forest-inspired design is a great design option. This client, Dana, specifically wanted leaf designs in her ring so we added sprays of leaves and tucked in various gemstones and diamonds around the cluster of center diamonds and natural alexandrite. If you love green, green sapphires are a great option and they come in a variety of hues ranging from olive green to minty green. Green sapphires are also a more durable stone option for an engagement ring when compared to green emeralds. Additionally, natural alexandrite is a color-changing stone that comes in hues of green like the one pictured. Natural alexandrite also comes in hues that are turquoise, peach, and eggplant purple, so be sure to tell your designer what color you like best if you want to use it in your own ring. Because the alexandrite is set on a tilt with the tip of the pear-cut gemstone facing North, or South depending on how you wear it, this setting orientation lends to an overall wispy, carefree look that mimics Mother Nature herself. Nora’s ring is the perfect inspiration for the nature lover that likes a bouquet of expression but that also likes an elegant, if not organic, statement ring too. 

Earthy Tones & Leaf Details


Custom made engagement ring with nature elements and inspiration.

The Becca 3 Carat Nature Inspired Engagement Ring


If you envision a more traditional diamond engagement ring with pops of earthy colors and accent leaves in metal, then Becca’s ring will surely inspire you. This ring satisfies future brides that want a traditional diamond as their prominent center stone given it has a nearly perfect 3-carat natural round cut diamond. However, many women are wanting more expression beyond a simple solitaire, and a lot of these women like color too, but they want it done in a tasteful, timeless, and elegant way. Adding side clusters of green and blue sapphire gemstones adds organic, nature-forward expression to this ring but still keeps it timeless. There is a balance between the diamond and the clusters of gems on the side, and the leaves serve to add a bit of visual texture to the piece much like leaves floating on branches. 

This ring was designed for her wedding band to fit flush underneath the edge of her center diamond and under the overhang of the leaves which, when worn together, gives the piece a fuller, more earthy expression.


Water & Sky Blue Hues

The Abby lab grown diamond and nature inspired engagement ring

The Abby Lab Grown Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring


For those who like all of nature’s blue colors found in the sky and in the ocean, but that also want to bring some design element of trees into a ring, Abby’s diamond cluster engagement ring provides really good inspiration. Adding a couple of different hues of light blue sapphires satisfies both the air and water elements that were desired for this client, and bringing in pops of leaves into the clusters in 14k white gold gave her the feel of the trees that she wanted but without sacrificing the clean look of a classic white and blue color palette. Additionally, using a center diamond that had a diameter in alignment with the height of the clusters on the sides made the design look more like an expressive burst of clouds in the sky! Lastly, ethics were of the highest importance for this nature lover, so we used ethically sourced blue sapphires from Montana, USA as well as a center lab-grown round diamond that was grown and cut in the USA, in addition to more small lab-grown diamonds. This one takes sustainability and eco-friendly jewelry practices full circle. 


Sunshine Yellow Diamonds and Leaf Prongs

The Kathy Three Stone Nature Inspired Diamond Ring


For those that want a more traditional diamond engagement ring like a classic 3-stone ring, look no further than Kathy’s ring for inspiration. Adding subtle nature-forward design elements such as sculpted leaf prongs or metal carved into leaf shapes surrounded by big center diamonds is an elegant and less literal take on pops of nature in your ring. Adding rich hues of colored canary diamonds alongside a large center diamond helps to focus the engagement ring design on the brilliance of the diamonds while still grounded the overall feel of the ring into a look that is still approachable and practical for everyday wear. Adding a matte finish to yellow gold helps the eye to better see the nature-inspired leaves, even the tiny veins of the leaves, that truly make this engagement ring stand out as a custom, handmade engagement ring.


Seashell Spiral Halo

The Elizabeth Double Halo Nature Inspired Wedding Ring

The Elisabeth Nature Inspired Double Halo Ring


Some people prefer to express their love for nature in a more recessive way that embraces negative space and form utilizing small stones in earthy colors. Elisabeth wanted to use a small diamond from her mother’s engagement ring and weave a more organic, whimsical approach to the metal by using multiple halos with rustic, imperfect spiral forms. Leaves were carved into the metal on the sides and little knob-like organic textures were added to the metal to better make it feel like the wobbly bits of trees and branches. For those that want bigger expressions with their ring without using center stones, Fibonacci-inspired spirals set with green and blue sapphires prove to anchor the engagement ring with a handmade, Earth-tone look and feel. 

Vines & Branches

The Kirsten white gold engagement ring inspired by branches designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry

The Kristen Elise Twig and Leaf Engagement Ring


Some women don’t want a center stone for their engagement ring but they want a substantial enough look in a ring design so that their ring on that finger looks like THE ring and not merely A ring. More people are opting for more metal-forward ring designs for lifestyle reasons too. If you’re a real outdoorsy type who always has their hands in the soil, you might want to forgo a center stone completely and opt for a low-maintenance design like this simple twig engagement ring. Adding delicate leaves in sculptural shapes lends a more organic feel for those that prefer designs in the metal of their ring to look like vines or tree branches. Keeping the metal in a high polish finish versus matte or brushed gives the branches and/or vines on the ring a more refined feel. Adding tiny pops of sparkle with small stones such as diamonds, blue sapphires, or pink sapphires will help give designs with metal vines such as this a bit more sparkle and fancy.

Mountain Details

Sass Watercolor sketch of mountain inspire wedding ring by Abby Sparks Jewelry

The Sass Mountain Wedding Ring

For the mountain lovers out there, carving tiny mountain ranges into metal makes a great option for wedding bands like this one. Sass grew up in Colorado and her window faced the Wasach Mountains. It was in these same mountains that she and her partner had their first date too. She gave us a photo of the range and we created a mountain range based off of the profile of the mountain peaks. This mountain wedding ring was made to fit flush with the engagement ring we had already made her with teal sapphires sourced from Montana so that it was her perfect wedding ring set for the mountain girl that she is. 

Gold Leaves & Rich Color

The Meri yellow gold diamond nature inspired wedding ring

The Meri Nature-Inspired Engagement Ring


This one is for the leaf lovers of the world! Pear-cut diamonds have a keen resemblance to many types of leaves, so choosing this cut for a center stone can provide a design anchor for a more nature-forward engagement ring.  Adding a bold gold leaf design on the band and overlaying a rich texture of brushed metal is what really puts this ring into a nature enthusiast category. While many people like thin, simple bands, there is a whole world of people that like rich textures and shapes to fill their band much like fallen leaves on a trailhead. Keeping uniform colors of stones can be important when you like textures, movement, and almost vine-woven metal form much like this ring, hence us using only diamonds in this engagement ring, keeping it classic and timeless while still natural-looking. 

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