The 2020 Engagement Ring Trends You’re Going to See Everywhere
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The 2020 Engagement Ring Trends You’re Going to See Everywhere

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Bigger & bolder: unconventional halos, wide bands and large stones


As a custom engagement ring design studio that makes rings from scratch, we take note when we start seeing the same ringspo pics again and again and again. Here are our educated predictions for the most popular engagement ring trends for 2020


Alternative Halos – Abby Sparks

2020 is going to have some edge. More ladies are asking for bolder, sharper, bigger alternative halos. These alternative halos look more like sunbursts and pointed petals- very solar and flower inspired. These sunburst halos are fresh, bold, dynamic, and more representative of the dynamic beauty of women. A classic halo suits some women but more and more, women are coming in to design a ring saying they want a more bold look, they want something more dynamic, they want some movement for the eye to play, they want more diamonds dancing with wild and whim around their center stone. They want more light, more brilliance, more shine, more design, more originality, much like Mother Nature herself. Ladies, this bolder burst of you is quite stunning. Every rose loves it’s thorns.


custom-engagement-ring-yellow-gold-sapphire-moissanite-ethical-lab-grown-vintage-semi-halo-kelsey (1)

The Megan custom sapphire and diamond engagement ring; The Katya vintage aquamarine ring, The Kelsey half halo engagement ring


Shape Play – Kelsey Dickinson, Marketing Associate

For 2020 I am so excited to see brides playing with shapes and angles in their engagement rings in a more bold way than they ever have before. As we can see from 2019 high profile celebrity engagements, such as J.Lo’s mega carat emerald cut engagement ring, or Scarlett Johannsen’s avant-garde brown diamond ring (love it or leave it), brides are moving away from the round and oval shapes that have so dominated the engagement ring scene for the last decade. Marquise shapes and emerald cuts are surging back into popularity as more and more engagement rings become and exploration between the traditional and the non-traditional. This can manifest itself with either symmetry or asymmetry, as we can see from both The Charlotte and The Erika – a striking angular band paired with a soft, round half halo or a symmetrical design with clean rectangular shapes created by both stones and setting. At the same time there really are no rules or limits when it comes to these organic or geometric compositions – think a hexagon paired with pears, an emerald cut with a wavy wedding band, marquise diamonds sprinkled around a classic round diamond. The one thing that defines this trend is uncluttered and sleek lines with the juxtaposition of contrasting forms – reminiscent of the shape play that was happening in mid-century furniture design. The point is that it’s fun, it’s fresh, and it’s not your grandmother’s ring.




The Charlotte double band ring; The Erika geometric engagement ring; The Dawn east-west marquise diamond ring


Big and Bold – Madeleine Tuinier, Design and Account Manager

I sense bigness coming in 2020. More women embracing the goddess/queen within and choosing a large center stone that is as deep and complex as they are. By complex, I mean we’re calling in the darkness and the light. Big bright white stones like diamonds and moissanite, but also large stones with deep hues – lab grown alexandrite, deep Montana sapphires, sapphires and emeralds. Lab-grown stones will be a great way to maximize size and keep an eye on budget.




The Margo alexandrite engagement ring; The Abelson 3 carat diamond ring; The Christophany oval moissanite ring


Wide Bands – Stephie Brown, Digital Branding and Marketing

There’s definitely been sort of a decline in the “dainty band, big stone” style we’ve seen in the seeing in the past 5-10 years, with that being said I feel like there’s going to be a bit of a shift towards more metal. Thicker bands, more metal, more gold – so lavish. A thick band engagement ring makes for a stronger design and a boss statement. In terms of stone colors, I feel like Montana sapphires are going to continue to rise as a center stone but also as accent stones. The muted blue tones make for a sweet addition, The Sanka’s dreamy accent stone color palette is a great example of this. I feel like grey spinels are about to emerge as a popular stone choice. They aren’t pure grey, the lighter ones will be more silvery-lavender and the darker stones will be more of a deep charcoal with plum or teal undertones. While we haven’t designed a ring with one (yet), grey spinels are a pretty hard gemstone (8 on the Mohs scale). For people that want a darker stone but want more transparency/ refraction than a black diamond, it’s a great choice.



The Hannah salt and pepper diamond ring; The Sanka cluster engagement ring; The Leah Kay rose cut diamond ring


Cluster Rings – Sarah Kiley, Marketing Manager

This engagement ring trend has been a slow burn, but it’ll fully reach the mainstream in 2020. We’ve done a few cluster rings here and there over the years, but we’ve gotten so many requests for them in the last month or so. Now, cluster rings can take many forms (technically any clustered gemstones or diamond rings can fall in this category), but the style for 2020 is asymmetry in terms of stone shape, size, and color. Brides are wanting this very organic, stones just-strewn-about feel that’s achieved by things looking perfectly imperfect. We’ll see more interest in achieving an overall color palette than one single color, like a warm palette of pink, blush and champagne stones; or cool palettes of cornflower blues, periwinkle and lavender. Varying shapes and sizes add to the special, handcrafted vibe of these types of rings, as does selecting each stone yourself.




The Rebeku Montana sapphire cluster engagement ring; The Betty & Shirley diamond cluster ring; The Stacey asymmetrical cluster ring


Unique Solitaires – Stacey Cuzzacrea, Production Manager

I think we’re going to see a surge of rings from past decades; in particular, the 90’s. Platform shoes, tanks layered over T-shirts, overalls, the list goes on. I think a marquise standalone is unique enough to compete with past trends involving large halos. Its simplicity but timeless showstopper abilities will prove timeless and elegant. Like they say, history repeats itself. And in this case, I foresee 2020 trends being “retro chic” [editor’s note: Stacey requested we attribute that quote to Muffy from Arthur.)




The Kathleen marquise diamond engagement ring; The Ashlee Elizabeth pear cut morganite ring; The Taylor bezel set round diamond ring


Intricate Settings – Raven Law, Operations Manager

Designing an intricate undercarriage into a ring is such a luxurious way to showcase personality and eccentricity without compromising on a classic, show-stopping center stone. There is something incredibly personal and almost secretive about having a ring that looks traditional from the top-down view, but when you move your hand to the side, a beautiful and intricate design emerges. You can use colored stones, filigree, flowers or even geometric shapes in a way that supports your ring, but in a way that is really just for you.




The Foster blue topaz ring; The Kathleen celtic knot engagement ring; The Christophany oval moissanite engagement ring


Asymmetry – Alex Balkovatz, Marketing Intern

An engagement ring trend emerging for 2020 is asymmetrical engagement rings. As brides are venturing further from tradition, their rings are following suit! Asymmetrical rings provide for more creativity and diversity regarding shape, design, and colors in a ring. The capability to use different colored stones, various shaped jewels, and creative accents allows tons of inspiration to come into play. Asymmetrical rings are unexpected, bold, and organic. These rings foster designs that are often nature inspired because of their innate free-flowing feel. Without the limitations of symmetry, these trendy rings have unlocked a whole new world of possibilities.




The Jen gemstone heart engagement ring; The Samantha asymmetrical three stone ring; The Meri lab grown diamond engagement ring


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