What Is A Three Stone Engagement Ring?

Three stone engagement rings typically consist of a large center stone with two smaller stones on either side. Although multi-stone rings have existed throughout history, the three stone ring was only invented in the early 2000s and symbolizes a couple’s “past, present, future” or “friendship, love, fidelity.”  Also known as a trinity, trio, or trilogy ring, or past, present, future ring, Meghan Markle was famously given a three stone diamond ring by Prince Harry.

Is Three Stone The Right Style For You?

The new classic, three stone rings give you three times the diamonds or gemstones of a typical engagement ring. A classic take would be a round diamond flanked by two smaller round diamonds in a symmetrical design, or a square center stone like an emerald or radiant cut with princess cuts on either side. Using colored diamonds, gemstones, different stone shapes and sizes will give you a very different look; the possibilities are really endless. Watch the video to learn more about your options for designing your own three stone ring.

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Three Stone Pros and Cons


  • Added sparkle and brilliance from extra stones
  • Can draw attention to the center stone making a smaller stone appear larger
  • A versatile style with endless options for a unique look


  • Requires more maintenance and cleaning than a single stone ring
    • Depending on stone choice, three stones can be more expensive than one

Who Are Three Stone Rings Right For?

If you want a large surface area and lots of sparkle, a three stone diamond ring is a great choice. Trilogy rings can also make a small center stone appear larger, so they’re a good fit for those that want the appearance of more carats without the price tag to match. Three stones are a versatile style, lending to timeless looks and non-traditional styles, so they’re a good choice for a variety of preferences. If you want a low maintenance ring, this may not be the best choice as it requires three times the stone maintenance and cleaning. Depending on stone quality, size, and shape, three stones could be more expensive than one stone of similar size and quality.

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