Engagement Ring Styles
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Engagement Ring Styles

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For any type of bride, there is an engagement ring style that fits her to a tee. Before tying the knot, it’s fun to explore the endless options for your engagement ring. In this article, we’ll give you a run down of all of the engagement ring styles so you can see which feels the most like you.

Custom Engagement Rings


Classic Engagement Engagement Ring Styles

Although we all love to see brides breaking from tradition, there is something undeniable about the elegant simplicity of the most classic silhouettes. Timeless ring styles ensure that you’re always love your engagement ring as much as you love your future spouse.


Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

The Margie Custom Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring
(Custom Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring, starting at $13,500)


Solitaire diamond engagement rings continue to be the most popular style of ring on the market. In fact, surveys show that a whopping 53% of engaged and married women have a round brilliant solitaire diamond. Solitaire settings are identifiable from their 4 or 6 prongs, holding a single diamond in place (also referred to as prong settings), like the Margie, above. The prongs are positioned to allow the diamond to reflect as much light and sparkle as possible. The roundness of the stone is another way to maximize its shine, with 360 degrees of brilliance.

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Three-Stone Diamond Rings

The Mackenzie Three Stone Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

(Three-stone Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, starting at $24,380)


A ring that symbolizes your past, present, and future with your partner; a three-stone diamond engagement ring sports a trio of diamonds, like the Mackenzie (above). The center diamond is accented by two smaller stones to create dimension and contrast. Three-stone diamond engagement rings are traditional in the sense that they are versatile and sophisticated, but you can still put your own take on a three-stone ring. Use sapphire accent stones or add trilliant cut side stones – the three-stone style allows for a tremendous amount of personalization, just look at the Bridget.


Halo Engagement Rings

The Kristel Lab Created Diamond Engagement Ring

(Lab Created Diamond Engagement Ring, starting at $11,150)


The halo setting is one of the most popular designs among new brides. By surrounding the center stone with smaller diamonds, it gives the illusion of a larger, more brilliant diamond (reducing the need for a large center stone), shown in the Krisel, above. Halo settings are especially great for center stones with subdued brilliance, like sapphires and rubies. The Courtney, for example, takes a round blue sapphire and tops it off with a marquise diamond halo. There are countless way to create a halo setting that suit your style.


Vintage-Inspired Engagement Ring Styles

Vintage-inspired engagement rings are becoming more and more in demand from modern briders. Jewelry designers are reimagining classic vintage styles, from Art Deco to Victorian to Edwardian trends.


Milgrain Engagement Rings

The Jessyka Black Opal Engagement Ring
(Black Opal Engagement Ring, starting at $13,000)


Vintage-inspired engagement rings are made distinguishable from their intricate engravings and details, especially milgrain. A milgrain engagement ring features a row of tiny stones along the edges of a ring; milgrain literally translates to “a thousand grains”. Adding milgrain to any ring gives it sophisticated detail, like the scalloped texture in the Jessyka (above). MIlgrain can similarly add a romantic vibe to an engagement ring, displayed on the Shelia.


Floral Engagement Rings

The Katya Vintage Aquamarine Floral Ring

(Vintage Aquamarine Floral Engagement Ring, starting at $10,500)


For a feminine, delicate feel, floral engagement rings are sheer perfection. Popularized during the 19th century, floral styles incorporate romance and luxury into one design, like the Katya (above).


Art Deco Inspired Engagement Rings

The Kiva Emerald And Diamond Three Stone Art Deco Ring

(Emerald and Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring, starting at $12,595)


Art Deco is synonymous with large, geometric shapes. Brides love Art Deco rings for their presence of bold designs that demand attention. The Kiva, shown above, is a perfect example of an Art Deco ring with its brilliant cut emeralds casted in yellow gold, giving it a vivid, unexpected flourish.


Non-Traditional Engagement Ring Styles

If you don’t fit the traditional bride-to-be mold, chances are you want a ring that reflects your one-of-a-kind-style, rather than a simple solitaire. From colorful gemstones to raw, organic materials, there are endless possibilities when it comes to non-traditional engagement rings.


Split Band Engagement Rings

The Erica Double Band Marquise Diamond Ring

(Double Band Marquise Diamond Ring, starting at $15,600)


Split bands are unexpected and modern – the decorative element adds dimension and artistry. The Erica, shown above, is an example of how a split or double band can enhance an engagement ring. Split bands are non-traditional, but don’t skip out on elegance or sophistication, also seen in the Sarah Gray.


Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

The Jessica Pear Morganite Engagement Ring

(Pear Morganite Engagement Ring, starting at $8,200)


Rich, vibrant gemstones like sapphires, rubies, morganites, and emeralds are a sure way to set yourself apart from the cookie-cutter bride. The Jessica, shown above, is kissed with a rosy, pink hue for a feminine, romantic aesthetic. Or go green with a large, emerald center stone, like in the unconventional and glamorous Gina.


Organic Engagement Rings

The Meri Nature Inspired Engagement Ring

(Nature Inspired Engagement Ring, starting at $14,500)


Organic engagement rings are perfect for any laid-back, nature-loving, bride. A rough matte finish, like in the Meri (above) adds an organic feel while maintaining an elegant look. Give your engagement ring organic movement with a nature-inspired settings, like the ones featured in the Heather and the Kristen Elise.

No matter your personal style – glamours, natural, low-key, extravagant, classic, edgy – there is an engagement ring with your name on it waiting to be created.

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