Aside from giving the stone its shape, the cut of a diamond or gemstone determines a stones brilliance. A rose cut stone has a flat side and a domed side. The domed side consists of triangle facets that resemble rose petals. The exact number of facets ranges between three to 24 facets and varies between stones. Because of the flat, facet-less bottom, the overall effect of a rose cut is a mostly transparent stone that shimmers and shines. Rose cut is an antique cut, created before brilliant cut, and was designed to shine in the low-light of gas lamps and candles, pre-electricity.

Is Rose Cut The Right Shape For You?

Shimmering and unique, rose cuts hold a special place as one of the first known diamond cuts and it’s facing a resurgence in popularity today but mainly in alternative engagement rings. A rose cut diamond offers an antique look, while rose cut gemstones are untraditional and bohemian. From a design standpoint, the possibilities are endless. Rose cuts are available in more shapes than most: round, oval, square, kite, hexagon, and more. Watch the video to lean more about rose cut engagement rings.


See some of the rings we’ve designed using rose cuts to get inspired



  • Unique, it’s an antique cut that is uncommon in engagement rings
  • Cut to maximize the fire of a diamond, rose cuts shimmer beautifully in low light
  • This cut appears larger than stones of other cuts in the same carat weight


  • The large bottom facet or culet causes light to leak from the bottom, reducing brilliance or sparkle
  • Not a brilliant or sparkling cut, like most people prefer for engagement rings


Rose cut engagement rings are a good choice if you want a unique, non-traditional look. They’re not a good choice for someone who wants maximum brilliance. A rose cut engagement ring is for those that want an alternative engagement ring that doesn’t have the typical sparkling look. Rose cuts also lend to a more natural, earthy, and rustic style.

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