What Is A Prong Setting?

An engagement ring setting is the entire metal part of the ring that holds the all diamonds and gemstones in place. Prong setting is the most popular and the most common setting technique, with small prongs or claws holding the diamond or gemstone in place. Most engagement rings have 4 or 6 prongs, but 3 and 8 are also common. This setting was created to show the maximum amount of a diamond while also letting the most light of any of the setting styles.

Is A Prong the Right Style for You?

Traditional and timeless, prong set engagement rings are what most people picture for their own ring. Four or 6 prongs on a round diamond solitaire ring is the ultimate classic engagement ring, but prongs can be made wider or in an odd number for a  more alternative look. Watch the video to learn all about your options for prong set engagement rings.

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Prong Setting Pros and Cons


  • Allows a diamond or gemstone to be exposed to the most light possible, increasing brilliance
  • It’s by far the most classic and most popular setting style
  • Easier to clean than other setting styles


  • Offers less protection than other settings
  • Some prongs can snag on clothing or hair
  • Over time, prongs may become loose and jeopardize the stone

Who Are Prong Set Rings Right For?

Prong set rings are the most classic and timeless choice. If you want a ring that will never go out of style, a prong set solitaire ring is the way to go. It’s also the best setting choice if you want the most brilliance for your diamond. Prong setting may not be the best choice for those with active lifestyles, who work with their hands or are rough on their jewelry. If you want a low maintenance ring, consider a different setting. Prongs need to be checked by a professional at least once per year to ensure they don’t get loose, causing stones to fall out.

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