Aside from giving the stone its shape, the cut of a diamond or gemstone determines a stones brilliance. Pear cut diamonds or teardrop diamonds have 58 facets and are cut in the brilliant style. Pear cut was created in the 15th century by a Flemish diamond cutter as a mix of the round and Marquise cuts, with soft rounded curving sides leading up to a unique pointed shape tip. Pear cut engagement rings are not as common as other cuts, but have been popular in recent years.

Is Pear Cut The Right Shape For You?

Glamorous and unique, pear cut engagement rings have been worn by A-listers like Elizabeth Taylor and Victoria Beckham. There’s no right way to wear a pear; the tip can point up or down, or the stone can be set horizontally. You can also find pears ranging from long and narrow to short and plump, the choice is up to you. From a design standpoint, pear cut stones create a bold impression. Just make sure you choose a setting that best protects the pears pointed tip. Watch the video to learn more about pear cut engagement rings.


See some of the rings we’ve designed using pear cuts to get inspired.



  • More brilliance (or sparkle) than most stone shapes
  • A flattering shape that elongates the finger
  • You’re ring is guaranteed to be unique looking; it’s an uncommon cut
  • A good choice for colored stones because this cut emphasizes color
  • Can be less expensive than other cuts


  • A sharp tip make this cut more vulnerable chipping, snagging or breaking if not in an appropriate setting
  • Some pear cuts appear visibly darker near the tip
  • Can show inclusions and flaws in the diamond
  • It does not hide color in a diamond as well as other cuts

Who Are Pear Cut Rings Right For?

Pear cut engagement rings are a good choice if you want a unique and glamorous look. If you want a brilliant cut diamond with maximum sparkle, but a more alternative shape, then teardrops are a great choice. If you want a colored gemstone or colored diamond, pear cuts highlight color beautifully. Pear cuts may not be a good choice if you lead an active lifestyle, work with your hands or are rough on your jewelry because the pointed tip is vulnerable to damage. However, a good setting like bezel setting can minimize the risk.

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