Aside from giving the stone its shape, the cut of a diamond or gemstone determines a stones brilliance. With 58 facets, oval cut diamonds are just as brilliant and sparkly as round cuts and can vary from very long and narrow spheres to shorter, rounder ovals. Sometimes labeled with length-to-width ratios, 1.7:1 denotes a very rare long cut, with most ovals on the market closer to 1.4:1. Oval cuts have been around since the 14th century, but did not appear as brilliantly we know them today until the early 20th century. They have a famously royal lineage and are popular with A-list celebrities including Kate Middleton (via Princess Diana) and Blake Lively.

Are Oval Cuts The Right Shape For You?

A flattering cut that’s favored by A-listers, oval cut engagement rings are a versatile shape that can easily transition between classic and timeless or bold and alternative, especially if the stone is set horizontally or east-west or you opt for a colored diamond or gemstone. Watch the video to learn more about oval cut engagement rings design tips.


See some of the rings we’ve designed using oval cuts to get inspired.



  • Looks noticeably larger when compared to different cuts of the same carat weight
  • Can hide imperfections 
  • A flattering shape that elongates the finger
  • No sharp edges means less chance of chipping, snagging or breaking
  • Very brilliant and sparkly


  • Most oval diamonds have some level of the “bow-tie effect”: dark triangles through the center that look like a bow-tie


An oval cut engagement ring is a great choice if you like round, curvy shapes but want a center stone that’s less common or less traditional than a round. Because of their brilliance, ovals are for the person that wants lots of brilliance and sparkle and for someone who wants the most carat weight for their budget, as ovals appear larger than other cuts. Oval rings are also a good choice for those with active lifestyles because they are less prone to damage than other cuts. Ovals are not a good choice if you’re concerned with the bow-tie effect that most all oval diamonds have.

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