What Is A Lab Created Engagement Ring?

Lab created gemstones are chemically and structurally identical to their mined gemstone counterparts that were grown in the earth, the only difference being that lab gemstones were formed in a controlled environment. People opt for lab created engagement rings because, in general, mined gemstones run the possibility of being mined in a way that has a negative impact on the environment or on the people that mine them. In contrast, lab created gemstones are conflict-free and ethical. They’re also generally of a higher clarity and color grade than naturally forming. Lab created diamonds are also available.

Is A Lab Created Gemstone Engagement Ring Right For You?

If you want a unique colored gemstone engagement ring and ethics are important to you, consider lab created gemstones. Almost every gemstone has a lab created counterpart: sapphires (blues, pinks, yellows and more), rubies, morganite, emerald, and more so your design options are endless. Typically, most gemstones will lend an alternative look to your design. Watch the video to learn more about designing a lab grown gemstone ring.

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Lab Created Gemstones Pros and Cons


  • Lab gemstones typically have less inclusions, higher clarity, and better color than mined gemstones
  • More budget-friendly than mined gemstones
  • Conflict-free and ethical, you can know the origin of your gemstone with 100% certainty


  • They’re not grown in the earth and lose the allure and history of forming over millions of years
  • Lab stones are not as unique as mined gemstones whose imperfections give them character

Who Is A Lab Created Gemstone
Engagement Ring Right For?

If you love colored gemstones but have your heart set on an ethical engagement ring, a lab created engagement ring is a great choice for you. Lab grown gemstones are also a good choice if you want maximum carat size for your budget: they’re less expensive than their mined counterparts. If you’re a perfectionist when it comes to your gemstone’s appearance then lab created gemstones may offer the look you are after. A lab created ring may not be the best choice for you if you want your stone to have character or history.

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