Aside from giving the stone its shape, the cut of a diamond or gemstone determines a stones brilliance. The Asscher cut was created in 1902 by the Royal Asscher Diamond Company and named for its founder. Asscher cut diamonds are similar to emerald cuts, but with larger step facets, a higher crown, and a smaller table. With its distinct octagon shape, the Asscher cut is most common in vintage and Art Deco jewelry but is still rare throughout history, including today.

What You Should Know About Asscher Cuts

Bold and vintage, Asscher cuts are a unique shaped stone with a unique cut that looks like steps, called step cut and similar to the effect an emerald cut has. Though they come with a rarefied and royal history, Asschers are an unconventional and uncommon choice for a few reasons: they don’t radiate as much light as other cuts, they require an extremely experienced master stone cutter to get just right. Watch the video to learn more about Asscher cut engagement rings.


See some of the rings we’ve designed using Asscher cut to get inspired.



  • A good choice for colored stones because this cut emphasizes color
  • You’re ring is guaranteed to be unique looking; it’s a very rare cut
  • Less sharp edges means less vulnerable to damage than a princess or emerald cut
  • Versatile: Asscher cut lends well to vintage-inspired looks as well as bold, modern, geometric designs


  • Can show inclusions and flaws in the diamond
  • Can look smaller than other cuts of equal carat size because of its depth
  • More vulnerable to chipping, snagging or breaking than round or oval cuts
  • Not good for very active lifestyles
  • Does not radiate as much light because it is step cut 
  • This cut can only be performed by an experienced master gemstone cutter making quality stones hard to find and expensive


Assher cut engagement rings are a good choice for a vintage-inspired engagement ring or a bold, geometric look. They’re not a good cut for someone who wants maximum brilliance and sparkle, or for someone who wants the most carat weight for their budget. Asscher cuts are an unconventional choice, making them a good option for those that want a very unique look. If you do want an Asscher cut, it may require that you prioritize stone quality over size because this cut shows flaws more easily than others.

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