The Liz Bands

Unique Gemstone Wedding Band Stack

The Kacey

Tilted Teal Sapphire Engagement Ring

The Liz

Gemstone Bouquet Ring

The Elana Bands

Asymmetrical Tiara Wedding Bands

The Angelica

Pear Cut Montana Sapphire Ring

The Lily

Ocean Inspired Engagement Ring

The Desiree Bands

Gemstone Anniversary Rings

The Tori

Multicolor Pear Sapphire Cluster Ring

The Millwee

5 Carat Upcylced Heirloom Ring

The Christy

Orange and Blue Cluster Ring

The Jory

Blue and Pink Sapphire Cluster Ring

The Jennifer

Trillion Cut Cluster Engagement Ring

The Dana

Nature Inspired Cluster Ring

The Stephanie

Teal Sapphire and Emerald Cluster Ring

The Sammi

Asymmetric Half Cluster Ring

The Braileigh Bands

Mismatched Wedding Band Stack