Understand the Differences

How Do You Choose the Right Metal?

Choosing your engagement ring metal is a combination of preference, style, and lifestyle. We only work with the metals listed above and do not work with black gold, silver, or sterling silver, titanium, steel, wood, bone, plastic, tungsten or black gold because they are not durable enough for engagement rings. White gold and platinum are the safest choices for a timeless look, and yellow gold will always be a classic. If you have sensitive skin, a hypoallergenic metal like platinum or palladium is the best choice. Beyond that, it’s up to you. What color metal is the rest of your jewelry? What metal looks best with your skin tone? We recommend trying each metal on before deciding.


Metal Sensitivity and Hypoallergenic Rings

Have sensitive skin? You may have a metal sensitivity.​

Ethical Engagement Ring Metals​

How to make sure your engagement ring is earth-friendly.​

Engagement Rings for Active Lifestyles​

Tough on your hands? These are the best ring choices for you.​

Want help selecting the right metal?​

We can work with you in-person at our studio or set up a video call to help you take the first step toward designing a ring. Design consultations are complementary and we’ll give you a quick call before your meeting to make sure we can help you.