What is a Dirty Party?
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What is a Dirty Party?

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If you’ve been keeping up with our emails and socials, you heard about the Dirty Party we threw for our beloved clients a few weeks ago in our studio.
Curious about what went on?

Conceptualized by the Boss Lady Abby Sparks, we wanted a fun way to share our space with our ASJ Tribe and offer a quick way to get your jewelry cleaned on the spot. While we offer all clients a complementary VIP treament deep cleaning and stone check once a year, this treatment takes a few weeks and we know that parting with your engagement ring or wedding band for that long can be a total bummer. So we devised the infamous Dirty Party- come with your ring, hang out with some cool likeminded people, have a drink, do a boozy craft, and go home with a gleamingly good-as-new ring. You’ll get dirty, your jewels will get clean.

Why Should You Clean Your Jewelry?

With regular cleaning, The Jordan diamond engagement ring will remain looking shiny and new.
It’s important to regularly clean your jewelry not only so it stays shiny, sparkly, and looking brand new, but also because it helps prolong the overall life of your ring. Cleaning your ring can also get rid of bacteria and germs that collect on your ring and cause rashes.


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For our first Dirty Party, we did a sip and paint while rings were being cleaned, we were getting dirty painting facets of a giant diamond while sipping on wine, bubbles, and beer. The diamond painting was inspired from a piece by Angie Crabtree, a talented artist we admire for her incredible oil paintings of diamonds and gemstones. We painted facet by facet so each of our clients could add their unique piece to our diamond, just as they do to our company as a whole. We had a blast painting catching up with our clients and were blown away by their painting skills!

Interested in getting down and dirty? Though Dirty Party events will only be a once a year occurence, we designate ring drop off windows 4 times a year, where we don’t require an appointment for you to drop off your ring to get cleaned. During these special windows, we’ll get your ring cleaned and back to you looking like new within a period of one week. Sign up for our newsletter to keep an eye out for when these weeks will be. Any rings not dropped off within those specified times will take us a 2 – 4 weeks to get fully cleaned and inspected, so you don’t want to miss out!


We recommend that ALL ASJ clients take advantage of our complimentary once a year VIP Treatment, when we not only deep clean your ring, but we inspect  to make sure that your settings are tight and no stones are loose, as well as checking to see how your metal is withstanding the wear and tear of your day to day tasks. When you don’t get your ring inspected regularly, it’s easy for stones to become loose without you noticing, and thus falling out. With something so valuable, loosing a stone is last thing you would want to happen. Getting your ring cleaned regularly also prevents the possibility of developing a rash from wearing your ring. You’re engagement ring goes with your everywhere, and unfortunately that means everything else does too. Bacteria and germs love to hide out in the nooks and crevices of your ring, and if left unchecked long enough can start to cause irritation to your skin, making your engagement ring unwearable until it gets cleaned. Click here for more tips on engagement ring care and why you should regularly clean your engagement ring. Also, a huge thank you to all of our clients who attended our last party! It was an amazing evening filled with laughter, fun, and sparkling-like-new rings! We hope you had as much fun as we did and we hope we get to do another event with you all soon.